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Why are your &*$&%# dogs in MY yard again!!! I can't let my dogs out to pee because your animals are taking over their space! My dogs have NEVER been in your yard! How many times does the sheriff have to impound your dogs and fine you before it's worth it to you to keep them home! Don't you know how dangerous it is for your dogs and for others when they are running rampant? Idots.

*Lord I wish I could actually say this*
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Is it really that hard to use a signal? You push that little thingie up... or down. I think you can do it. Asswipe.
Originally Posted by Rheanna83
Oh - you said it! Is their arm broken or something? Maybe they don't teach this in drivers ed anymore...
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Hey E.R.,

Yeah, I'm addressing YOU, you scraggly-assed chickenhead. Here are some sage words that you sorely need to carry you through your lifetime.

1) Take a f-----g bath. Comb your f-----g head. Buy some decent clothes. Repeat each day before coming leaving the house. I know you're a supposed college student and all, but you can't be that broke. Oh, I forgot--you spend all your money on booze. Until then, you need to stop dogging on, talking s--t, and tearing down everybody else's appearance. I have never seen anybody who looks so bad, have so much bad stuff to say about other people. I have yet to hear a compliment, kind word, any type of empathetic utterance from your mouth.

2) Lose the ghetto stank attitude. "Keeping it real" is an entirely different thing than what you're doing. You may fondly reminisce about your high school days when you used to run with the bullies and pick on others, but baby doll....HIGH SCHOOL IS F----G OVER.

Everybody else might think your **** is cute, but honey, let me be the first one to assure you that your **** will NOT cut it in the professional world. As it stands now, I literally cannot visualize you working in any type of healthcare facility in a professional mode. I actually cannot put the two images together.

3) WHY THE F--K do you think everybody wants to be like you?!? You cannot dress, you CERTAINLY cannot dance, you drink like a fish, and you STINK!!! You look like something the cat dragged in yesterday. No thanks, I prefer grooming and sobriety. I like to wear outfits, not clothes thrown on at random. You suffer from some serious megalomania.

4) B--ches like you kill me trying to be SO bad. So why haven't you stepped to me yet?!? Oh, you talk a good game to all your hood-rat friends, but sugar, talk is cheap. As it stands, you can barely look me in the face. I love how you can't step to anybody without some liquor in your system. It's so easy to hide behind your buddies and bully people. You are lost without your li'l crew.

5) The only reason I gave it up about that goddamn computer is because I AM A LADY, NOT A DEAD-FISH-SMELLING ALCOHOLIC YOUNG-ASSED GHETTO WHORE. Sugar, I graduated HS in 1988. I left all that trifling **** behind a long time ago (including passing notes--WTF?) What the F--K do I look like, scrapping over a COMPUTER, of all things, at MY age? But--DON'T think for a minute that I am afraid of you.

6) Seriously, chica, you need to slow down with the drinking. You cannot go to a club without having to be carried home. Mayhap that's why you have an incurable STD? Regaling us with your tales of waking up in strange places with your skirt wrapped around your head is not cute--you're the only one who thinks it is.

Bragging about strange guys telling you, the day after, how your feet were black from dancing drunk and barefoot on a nasty, sweaty dance floor is not cute. Your fellow hood-rats are secretly laughing AT you, not with you. (and you actually brag about this **** to the boss! WTF?)

7) AND DID YOU FORGET THAT YOU HAVE A F--G BABY?!? You rarely talk about her; we haven't even seen her. But I guess that's to be expected of a drunken whore who gets kicked out of the club for fighting, a mere 2 WEEKS after giving birth. You'll be just another young black girl making her mama raise her child while doing her thang, or whatever. I'm real curious to see if you finish college.

You are such a bad person that I actually wouldn't mind meeting your parents, to see what type of people they are to have done such a poor job of raising their daughter. Absolutely NO home training, no manners, no decorum, no shred of fellow feeling for others.

You are completely beneath me. You are nothing, and you will always be nothing.
Did you forget your meds today, because you're driving me ****ing insane and I've only been here a half hour. Seriously. You're being an ass and you need to stop. You can be one of the most ungrateful people ever- when someone offers to help you, you shouldn't b*tch and whine when it all isn't done to your taste. You want it a certain way, do it your own damn self or shut up about it. It really makes me want to think twice about helping you out or being generous to you in the future.

Why do I keep bending over backwards for you? Sometimes I think you really don't deserve it.
I hate hospitals and a need to see many doctors. I hate that my friend is scared and hurting and no one can help her.

I hate that too many doctors and nurses my friend has encountered see her merely as a sickness, not as a person. Where's the f$#%ing humanity?
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
I'm so sick of everyone always having something to say. There's a complaint about EVERYTHING. Most of all I'm sick of everyone's friggin' opinions on how people should raise their kids. You can't go into any place where there's a family without SOMEONE SOMEWHERE making a comment about the kids and their parents parenting skills. They're KIDS for Gods sake, Can we let them be kids! Kids are loud, and they have energy, and they run around. Because a parent doesn't choose to be a drill sargeant doesn't make them a bad parent. Should we spend all day yelling at our children? Should we keep them tied to a chair because children should be seen and not heard, and it's our job to keep them restrained? I don't think so. As long as children aren't completely out of control and rude, I don't see what the big deal is. They're different, they have different personalities, and they respond differently to discipline. It's not about not spanking your kids, it's about letting them BE KIDS. Get off your friggin' snooty high horse on how you could do it better because I'm not interested in doing anything like you.
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person a: i am really not looking forward to returning you your drama tomorrow. it's gotten to the point where i wonder what sort of overblown scene you'll have concocted next in your mind every single time i open the door. the drama in your life is almost always entirely of your own making, and then you try to drag everyone into it and then pretend to step back and not want to 'divulge too much information.' get over yourself. you aren't that important, and life really isn't that dramatic. i'm tired of your hysterics, and i'm relieved that i will soon be free of them.

person b: i really hope that you will see a therapist. even though you put on a brave face and try to be strong, it's obvious to everyone around you that you are falling apart. we care about you, and we want to help, but you won't let anyone in. i gues that's your choice, but it doesn't excuse treating everyone around you (who have nothing to do with the problem) like garbage meanwhile. i know it's hard, but we aren't responsible, and you can't expect everyone to read your mind, or play into your martyr complex. there comes a point when it comes down to your own choices. i hope you will make the right one, for your own benefit, and for the benefit of everyone around you.
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I'm sorry you think Christianity is up for "interpretation", but you actually have to READ THE BIBLE in order to have any idea what the heck the religion is actually about. Please don't come at me talking about God's word when you don't even know what comes after Leviticus or what the contents of Leviticus are. I's a lot of pages to read, but if those pages were filled with game reviews and naked chicks I'm sure you'd be half way through with it by now.

Stop thinking that because we're cool you can say all that stuff about Black people that would get your a** kicked in the street. I'll STILL kick your a**...just in my living room.

No, I'm not learning Korean to talk to so and so. So and So is in America and in America we speak English.

Yes, I'm sure you had it hard. But I'm from the same ghetto as you and I still can form a proper sentence. How about you get a job that way I don't have to support your 3 kids with my taxes. And yes, I'll tell the same thing to Becky in the trailer park.

How the hell can you be Anti-abortion but pro-death penalty? That's like saying you care about under priviledged fetuses, but not the under-priviledged adults that they become.

I'm working on my prejudices, why don't you work on know..since you're SO suprised I can speak proper English.
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I really like you.

And I shouldn't, because you're my friend and this brings in all kinds of unnecessary complications. You are a very good friend. Shouldn't that be all that matters? Things are good as is. I don't need to be screwing it up with this feeling I can't seem to control.

If I keep ignoring it, maybe it'll go away.
Previously Joy4ever.
Changed because the "number in place of a word" thing was bugging my no-longer-14-year-old self.
I really like you.

And I shouldn't, because you're my friend and this brings in all kinds of unnecessary complications. You are a very good friend. Shouldn't that be all that matters? Things are good as is. I don't need to be screwing it up with this feeling I can't seem to control.

If I keep ignoring it, maybe it'll go away.
Originally Posted by Joy4ever

Sorry, have to respond, but this was my issue with someone who was TOTALLY not my type, and completely taboo to act on, and ended up being the most amazing, wonderful husband in the whole world.
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A: You are a horrible, controlling, game playing *****. You don't deserve the man you've got, and I hope you keep it up, because then you will lose him,baby or no baby. He doesn't deserve this and you don't deserve him. If you can't let it go,you shouldn't have come crawling back to him. Just leave him alone and let it go. And get out from in front of my house,I hear your stupid loud car.
#1- You suck and I can't wait til you move on to your new job.

#2- You suck and I wish you'd stop creating drama for my family. Just leave us alone and let us be happy; is that so hard? Isn't it tiring being such a heartless b*tch all the time?

#3- You ALL suck, and I'm so glad my mother raised me with the common sense and strength of character to rise above your bullsh*t. You all make me sick, you bunch of thieving, traiterous, lying leeches. My mother blames your parents for not raising you properly, and I can't be as sympathetic as she is because YOU. KNOW. BETTER. You're ignorant scum, but you know right from wrong just as well as anyone else. The fact that you choose to behave so horribly and strive to wreck the lives of your own family members completely baffles me.
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Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh &%$@#! &%$@#! &%$@#! &%$@#! &%$@#! &%$@#! &%$@#! &%$@#!
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
That's how I'M feeling!

Obamacare is not a blueprint for socialism. You're thinking of the New Testament. ~~ John Fugelsang

I hate you. I hate you and your b*&^h daughter-in-law. You both make me sick to my stomach. You are a lying c&^t and I wish you would just by a step ladder and get over yourself.

Your DIL CAN NOT speak to me like I am a piece of crap in front of my family and my husband and WORSE, my child just because she is ignorant and immature and does not possess any self control. I don't care what her problem is, I don't care what your problem is IT IS UNACCEPTABLE, and even worse than that I NEVER DO IT TO HER OR YOU. In the almost 14 years I have been with my husband and known your family I HAVE NEVER ONCE done that, yet she does it to me all the time and I have spoken to you about it and you always make excuses. Then you ask me about it and I am honest and you can't handle it. So eff you. Your friendship comes with conditions and that condition is to make sure I love your DIL. She is a lowlife piece of trash. She is a filthy pig and she is raising her son to be a lowlife just like her. Your entire family makes me sick.

But now I see. Now I see that by taking the high road and keeping my mouth shut and ignoring such stupidity, I have inadverdantly made myself a target, since you take my kindness for stupidity.

You are now trying to make me look bad by lying blatently about me. And that's OK. You are only making yourself look dumb and people are sick of hearing you. You tried to get other family members to choose between you and me and it's not working. HAAAA!! I know you are stewing in your own juices over this and I AM LOVING IT. No one is taking your side and no one is believing you. Because you are wrong and although the rest of the family is too kind to tell you that right out their actions are telling you that and you can't handle it. So I hope you are losing sleep over this. Give trashing me your best shot because it's not working.

I hope you work yourself up into such a frenzy you either stay home for the holidays altogether or you blow up at me in front of the entire family and then suffer the wrath of my husband. I promise, if that happens you WILL LEAVE IN TEARS. And I will be overjoyed. Because I have more class in my pinky finger than you do in your whole body and I am DONE speaking to you. I AM DONE addressing this issue. AND I AM DONE DEFENDING MYSELF AGAINST YOUR STUPID LIES. So talk away. I said everything I had to say.

Did I mention I hate you. Cause I do. Hate you, that is.
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another post for ****ing BIGC, I still hate your ****ing guts, I hate that you are the father of my children and I'll always have you in my life for this, It's amazing how you say it was my fault this time, I guess that is the only thing that makes you fell better, your stupid, heartless and everyone who crosses your path finds out what your really about a SNAKE. The only people who are your friends are the peolpe you give a pay check to, don't you find that strange you have no friends, you pushed everyone away because you think you are better then them, well honey I hate to tell you you came from the same place everyone else came from. Nothing better and even your own parents don't speak to you for all the things youv'e down, But I promise you your life will catch up with you, eventually and your own children will see what you about as well. You Only think of your self and all your material things.. You MANWHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU ARE A SELF DESTRUCTIVE PIECE OF CRAP

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I think I really, truly hate you.

You are the only person who has ever seen through my walls, seen my weaknesses...and then decided the best course of action is to use them against me.

You are truly a cruel individual. I hope you rot in your own miserable life.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
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Posts: 41,035
I think I really, truly hate you.

You are the only person who has ever seen through my walls, seen my weaknesses...and then decided the best course of action is to use them against me.

You are truly a cruel individual. I hope you rot in your own miserable life.
Originally Posted by NetG


I just sent a "have a nice life" email in which I was as nice as I could be. But I feel like I just got a weight off my shoulders.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
You need to make a decision. You need to look me in the eye and tell me what you are going to do. You know what I want, I know what you really want because you've told me. You've told me repeatedly. I'll do what ever I need to do in order to make things work, but you need to take the first step. Take the friggin' step!!!!!! How long do you intend on waiting??? AUGH!!!!!
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