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I had a dream that I kicked the sh*t out of my brother's ex and got arrested. That woman is the devil.

It put me in a pretty good mood, though. I've been smiling all morning. That's probably weird.


I cant find a suitcase for NY- cant find one the right size. I do not like this
I rolled out of bed last night. I was so swaddled in quilts that it didn't hurt. But it was pretty surprising!
I can't stand the expression "learning curve" it's been so overused. ...
Course reading assignments include Wikipedia articles. WTF?????
I keep checking my grades online obsessively to see when this semester's grade will be posted. So far it's not up. I just hooooope I did well enough on the final to get an A, but I don't feel too confident. We'll see.

Update: Got a B. Not as good as I was hoping, but I'll take it.

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You leave a note on my car in the middle of the night saying, "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you!!!" and sign it, "Me."

You're a j*sshole. Still.

I am the new Black.

"Hope the Mail are saving space tomorrow for Samantha Brick's reaction piece on the reactions to her piece about the reactions to her piece." ~ Tweet reposted by Rou.
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What are the odds that the penthouse is not available on our anniv 8/6? That makes me nervous..oy
There's always a better solution.

I was born to be a pessimist. My blood type is B Negative.

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A/C on my car died. Please, please be something minor and inexpensive.
I'm still bloated. I'm not happy about that.

On the plus side I'm getting tear trough filler done next saturday!!
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
Course reading assignments include Wikipedia articles. WTF?????
Originally Posted by Eilonwy
Unless that's an exercise in things never to cite as fact, yikes.
Under construction.
omg, my hair is sooo bouncy and shiny and pretty and the weather is so nice, I wanna go out in my new cute summer clothes and just prance around with my hair being awesome instead of being sick and doing homework.
We had the talk In 4 months, as soon as we get married we are going to try for a baby! Wowza...Im SO excited.
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

Congratulations Starrwithoutnite!

Have fun!

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Awesome SWON...he's such a cutie!
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uugggh...air compressor in my car a/c is dead...
Y'know what? I think I kind of like you. You're funny, talented, and a great person to be around. I'm not like those girls who seem to hang around you, and I can tell some of them like you, even though they drive me up the wall with the way act all cutesy and whatnot around you. But I'm a cool person. Give it till next September, and you'll see. And by the way, don't quit music. You're talented, and it'd kill me to see that talent go to waste.

And I'd really like a Mars bar.
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I swear Poison Ivy was invented just to make me miserable!! It doesn't help that the combination of meds the doc gave me are making me go between "WHEEEE!" and "I need a freakin naaappp" and "WHEEEE!" and "I need a naaappp" and "Ohhh, I've got the munchieeesss" and "Dear god, I think I'm gonna puke..." and "where the hell did all the food go??" and "Dear god, I think I'm gonna puke..."
Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

Dame Kenz Matilda Jayhawk-Rocksalt, heir to the family diamonds.
Also I've been scratching so much (Yes, I know I'm not supposed to) I have bruises covering my arms and legs.

Damn poison ivy....
Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

Dame Kenz Matilda Jayhawk-Rocksalt, heir to the family diamonds.

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