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Umm...wth is going on on this thread? I haven't read it in a while.
Originally Posted by Meghuney
Paris, this is where posters go to abuse each other. (Well aside from the normal abuse that occurs on every other thread)

It's a wonderful expenditure of one's personal time and energy apparently.
Originally Posted by KatieCoolLady
Also to vent about things that happen IRL.
Originally Posted by solange

Well, I knew about the IRL part...but the rest of it that Nicole (KATIECOOLLADY) posted...that's what I've been seeing. It shocked me! Not that I haven't seen people get brutal, but it was so blatant here!
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Mom, why did you get on me about telling you what I really wanted to do with my life, just to say, "Not everyone gets what they want."? I didn't say I wanted to be an actress or a singer, or in the WNBA.

Also, why are you so sadistic and selfish and jealous and cruel and self-centered in general? I don't remember you being like that before when I was growing up.

If there is a g, please give me an answer about what I should do regarding this issue, if anything.

I might not like the other answers, but I hope I can learn to accept those. But, like I said, I don't want to. I want to fix, not to accept. I'm not a Buddhist.
what happened to you?? Do you realize you used to be my idol? Even when I was older. Look at yourself, your fat, lazy, pessimisted, miserable, and married to a guy you openly admitt to "settling for". You have lost your passion, and that was the most beautiful part of you. And now I pitty you and I hate you for trying to turn me into you. Just because your life didn't work out the way you it's no reason to take it out on me. I am not you, Your mistakes are not MINE. YOUR regrets are NOT MINE. Just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it wont work for me. You had talent and you wasted it, it's not my fault.

Stopping devaluing my trouble losing my pregnancy belly, your fat because you sit on your ass all day.

I dont care that you think my dreams are silly, stupid and childish, they are MY DREAMS and they aren't hurting anybody. You have regrets because of the things you tried didn't work out for you. I have regrets for the things I never got to do when I was younger, and I want to fullfill those dreams before I get too old. Haven't you every heard the saying "it's better to have loved and lost then never loved at all?" they wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. You dont know me as well as you think. You were never there, my ability to commit is profound. And truth be told the only thing holding me back from my dreams is ME. And even if I can't make a living at it, least I can say I tried, as apposed to chickening out like you did.

I could understand you being so hard if I was making stupid, rash, irrational discisions, but Im not. Who cares if I dont have enough room for a treadmill, Im the one who has to live with the clutter what's it matter to you, you never come over. The way you treat me you'd think I was ruining my life when your ripping apart stupid stuff, like how I spend my free time.

And as far as what you said about that job in Moscow, it just goes to show how truly pathetic you are. It was nothing but a daydream, I told you that's all it was, but still you insteaded on overanalysising, and picking apart every little detail about it. Haven't you ever seen something and had a daydream about it for a little while????

You were just being just plain mean, and guess what I can play that game too. You are fat because you sit on your ass all day. Your quilting is a waste of time, you spend thousands of dollars making quits for free for people you hate, and dont even have to nerve to even try and sell one, because people "never want to pay what it's worth". You are in debt because you use credit cards too much and only pay the minimum balance. You wasted so much money traveling that "you could have bought a house if you would have saved that money", and yet you managed to go everyplace not worth going too. You complain about how horrible your parents were and how abusive they were and how much better a person you are, but you gave me to them, fully well aware of what kind of terrible life they would give me, what kind of person does that make you?

Next time try and bash me when Im not already feeling down, I'll show you how it feels.
What the heck is a drive way for.../To park your car in I Believe..It is snowing for christsakes. Do not get mad at me if I happen to just slide into your car..just park your car in the freaking drive way..this can be done if you remove the garbage and cars that do not work..Stupid..

Look where you are going before you merge..I swear if you run into me without looking..I will get out of the car and beat you sensless..

Quit talking on the cell phone and drive...No conversation is that freaking important during a snowstorm and people are slip sliding everywhere...Pull over or wait until you get home...This goes for Police officers too..
Can't you read the speed limit signs? Why do you go TWENTY FIVE miles per hour in the 45 zone?? WHY? WHY? It makes me want to scream. I get so excited about getting out of downtown so I don't have to crawl along, and then I get behind someone like YOU, who is looking all around, swerving, and going 20 miles below the speed limit! WTF? :x

What REALLY irks me is that once we get out of the 45 zone and into the 35, you speed up to 40!! Again I say - WTF?! It's only two little numbers:

4 & 5

You'd think you could read them. I wish that I had a thing I could, like, type into or something and put up a little flashing sign for you that says, "Hey you! Yes you! Dumbass! The speed limit is 45!"

Learn how to drive or get off the road.
That's the biggest load of bull--t I've heard today. I applaud your acting skills. Just wish your management skills were better.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
You people need to stop sending me cutesy/cheesy, do-this-or-your-luck-runs-out, Bill Gates/AOL-is-sharing-their-fortune, return this to me so I know you're a friend, God loves you, etc., chain mail! UGH

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I'm in such a funk these days! It's really getting to me. I am originally such an outgoing, fun person. Ever since we moved back up north I've been so withdrawn. I don't feel like getting to know anyone, I just wanna be alone! I feel so lifeless, passionless in every area of my life = marriage, friends, church, activities, taking care of myself. Maybe the only area that's good is my children.

I've met a couple of people that have wanted to get together from my daughter's school & at first I'm excited to get out, but then it's like I don't want to make the effort. I've tried & tried to have a positive attitude & get back to my normal self but then I just resort back to feeling "blah" again.

You know what really irks me about the whole thing? DH doesn't say anything. Like, I'm SURE he sees a change in me & he doesn't even bring it up, or say "you seem different, is everything ok" or ANYTHING.
Mum- yes Tesco was busy. It's saturday, it's a football weekend, it's going to be busy. Deal with it. We are all so sick of your moods and throwing things around is not going to help, it just annoys everyone else more.

The new nieghbours behind me - I've already reported you to the RSPCA for treating the puppy like crap. Do you want me to do it again? Sort yourselves out. Poor little Puppy. Don't try that 'we're decorating' line either, no one starts decorating at 6am and finishes at 11pm when they have 3 little kids. It's freezing outside, the puppy is cold. Morons.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
i hate being teased and picked on, but i hate patrionizing more!!! if you're gonna insult me, do it directly. i don't need you to pretend to be all "nicey-nice" to insult me. ARG!!!!
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politics is like me and my buddy going hippo hunting. we shoot a hippo and it falls on us. now, instead of using our joint effort of pushing the hippo off of us, we arue for 5 1/2 years on who's idea it was in the first place to go hippo hunting.
You have your own two-vehicle driveway! Just because someone else shoveled & scraped the snow & ice off their driveway & removed the snowplow piles from in front of their driveway, & you didn't, that doesn't mean you can use our driveway to get to your garage! And when your friends stop by for extended visits, they're to park in your driveway, not in or in front of someone else's driveway!

And when your friends stop by for extended visits, they're to park in your driveway, not in or in front of someone else's driveway!
I'd like to second this, except substitute driveway for the parking area in front of our building. Limited number of spots for tenants, and some jerk's visitors use five cars to take up every spot! :x

At least the authorities finally bothered to have that abandoned vehicle towed away this week, after it sat in front of our building for well over a year.
the good news is that I need to quit my job because they have eliminated my shift and I cannot work the remaining two. the bad news is that I can't find a replacement job. There are no ****ING jobs in this area!!!!! The market is saturated because all the good schools are on this coast!!!!!

What am I going to do...? New truck, new furniture, bills, son to support, life....

Only three weeks to go....

On a related topic...if I answer your frigging ad with the information you requested, the LEAST you can do is answer my question as to whether or not the job is even in my area! If I weren't so desperate to hear what you have to offer, I would send you another email with some creative-yet-painful suggestions on what to do with my resume!!!!!! You need a partner, I need a job....LET'S TALK!

I thought writing this here might be cathartic, but it ISN'T!
It makes me so sad that we live in a world where women are killed because they aren't virgins...or get their clitoris cut off because sexual pleasure is morally wrong...or die in a mudslide because they aren't allowed to be touched by anyone who is not either related or married to them. I wish I knew what to do or how to help -- when will this change? How can it change?

I wish we as women knew how to bond together instead of ripping each other to shreds -- when will we identify as "women" instead of black, white, muslim, christian, etc.? Why is that an identity that never seems to matter?
i am trying not to judge you, really. you chose to have that abortion because the kid probably would've been born with down's. yes its probably because both of you do too much ****. please dont expect sympathy because i dont think i can give it to you.
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins
Your "mother tongue" is Spanish, yet you know English. Please speak English around us who don't know Spanish. We feel you are talking about us. When I am making a call to an automated system it says press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Why not 3 for Vietnamese, 4 for Chinese, 5 for Japanese, 6 for Italian, etc. Everyone else here made an effort to learn English. Why can't you!
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KG- I want you to wake up. I see you drowning in an ocean that you created for yourself... and it hurts. JM isn't going to help you, he's way too emotionally immature for your relationship to EVER work. Apparently a year and a half of on/off dating isn't a big enough clue.
And God loves you, and I want you to know that.
God, show me what you want me to do to help her.

AR- I'm willing to be friends again, but it won't happen overnight. You really hurt all of us when RH became your be-all-to-end-all. I know that we didn't exactly try to hang out with you, but that's mostly because you were always with him. I know I screwed up, and that we were on a bad note when this happened... but second chances run both ways, right?

M- You're awesome.

Mrs. D- Yes, I'm Christian. Yes, I'm Liberal. Yes, many of the things I believe are different than yours- does that make me less of God's child? Double standards: Love everybody except those who don't believe the same as you. Not exactly.
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Thius is freaking ridiculous. I have sent out over 386 resumes in this small god forsaken town and I have only had 3 interviews. I even had my resumes professionally done and critiqued several times.. This is so pathetic. How can s omeone say I am over qualified. I am 43 years old. I am supposed to have experience and know things. I am severely depressed. My little part time job is now down to 4...yes 4 freaking hours a week. Tell me what am I supposed to do with 4..yes you heard me ..4 hours a week. I cannot pay anything. I want to move and relocate across country, but my stupid car will probaly die before I leave the city limits. I want to stay with my cousin and his he offered..but his wife may decide to get funky and trip out for no apparent reason, so it would make since to have some money to move out before my three month deadline in case that happens. They say things will pick up in March, but honestly do people think that bill collectors are going to wait until March to collect my car insurance..I have an old car so I need a cell phone in case something happens(this town is now full of straight up idots and carzy people so you have to have communciation)..The temp services are not hiring I call them each and every week as they require and I still get nothing..My grandmother passed and I need to get away and start over..this is truly depressing...

I am done with the pity party for now, I am sure to be back in a couple of days..with more ..PITY!!!!!!!!!!!
You patronizing SOB, you call me young lady one more time I'm going to deck you.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.

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