Say It. I Dare You.

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Can you stop worrying about being cool and people liking you and just get that cokehead out of your appartment already? You already lost your job because you were trying to be the cool kid for this woman and then you didn't even realize you could get arrested if someone else in your appartment has drugs! And how come nothing I said about this situation was smart until someone else said it?

Also, why have you told people that I want to get breast implants and that I don't like my curly hair? I never said those things to you. I love my hair (and don't ask me again if I'm going to cut it) and my boobs are what they are.

I hope that whenever I happen to get a new boyfriend you don't flirt with him like you did the last two. I don't know what it is about my boyfriends that makes them so flirtable in your eyes, but I'm sure flirting with other people's boyfriend must be just as fun.
2C/3A -- wurly!
What the ****????? What made you think you could ask me such a godawful question as you did this morning. I know I was a super ***** to you by givin' it right back at you, but my GOD. I no doubt hold a grudge for waaaaay too long, but I'm going to be SO pissed about that little exchange for a LONG TIME.

And don't you dare complain when I bring it up again!!! :x
Are you serious?! You did NOT say that to me, or at least you'd better wish you didn't.
Yes, I know, our school isn't the greatest track team, which is why you said "_____ sucks" right as I was walking by (you don't SERIOUSLY think I thought that was just a co-incidence, do you?), but was it REALLY necessary to say that I suck, too? It's not like I even showed a reaction to what you said. In fact... I'd say I was downright polite about it, I even smiled and laughed at your little jab there, but seriously, saying I suck? You haven't even seen me run yet.

But I guess that means your team sucks too, seeing as our runners took first place in practically all of the sprinting events, and about half of the long distance. I guess you guys lost your star seniors, eh?

But really, who cares if your team is gigantic? It obviously didn't help all that much. I think your coaches need to do some major cuts, because really... There's no reason why there should be that many people for each event, seeing as the first heat is really the only one that matters anyway.

Go back to your town in the middle of nowhere. Nobody wants you in ours anyway.


"And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance
But you are not alone in this"

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.” - Tina Fey

TurboTax I hate you.

How does 5194 + 314 = 6215?

It does not.

Not even with rounding.

You are WRONG.

Show me your $#@$@ calculation or shut the @#$@ up. And just let me enter the #$@#$ right number for myself, you smug controlling piece of software or should I say softwhore.


Note to self: one set of taxes filed. Two sets to go.
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
#$%#^&*@!#. i can't stand this anymore. i really think i am going to go insane if this sh*t keeps up much longer.
Asking me "aren't you afraid he's going to be killed?" doesn't really help me. YES I am afraid. I wake up afraid every morning. Do you ask cancer patients if they're afraid to die too???? Idiot.
Slinky's rule for

I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?
Just because you are married to the boss does not give you any authority over me. Keep your damn suggestions to your damn self. Oh and telling me that I should take your suggestions because you are a BLAH SPECIALIEST was the most obnoxious thing you could have said to me. Seriously are you freaking kidding me with that remark? Is that suppose to mean anything to me? Because I happen to have a degree too you b itch and unlike you I didn't get mine out of a bubble gum machine. I suggest you mind your business and go micromanage your own damn staff. ***** ....

national anthem for self-pity
This version had better be right. And don't go around changing my title on me. It's bad enough your ego got in the way of the writing, but at least leave my goddamn title alone. Idiot.
God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.

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And why is it that your 'stuff' always seems to be more important than mine?
Wile -- are we married to the same man?

To my darling students: Internet-speak is not appropriate for e-mails to your professor as well as written case study responses. I'm not one of your pals and I'm not going to respond to you with "Later!"
God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.

And why is it that your 'stuff' always seems to be more important than mine?
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl

I so don't want to have "the talk" with a so-called friend who always has "stuff" that's more important to mine, or thinks other people's "stuff" is more important. But, I deserve better, and if other people fail to see that I matter, too, it's healthier for me to have nothing to do with them...
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
I hate today. I hated yesterday, and this week too. It's been the sh*ttiest 6 months of my life. I want out of this misery. I feel like my head is about to explode. I can't handle all this bull sh*t anymore.
CALL ME! You need an employee, I want a new job, I can DO the job... so just hire me already! Pretty please? You'd be really stupid not to hire me. Obviously I couldn't write "I kick ass" in the resume, but I thought I made it clear enough with the very professional, clean style and the fact that I'm chock-full of the exact kind of experience you're looking for. I know you, Mr. Executive Director, and I am positive that I could take you down in a fight... so you better hire me. :x

Also, to myself: Stop getting so bored so quickly! Having bills to pay doesn't afford you the luxury of moving from place to place when you get sick of looking at the scenery. Why can't you just be satisfied with where you are for now? Dumb girl.
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Please God help my skin get better. Please help it not burn anymore, or stay red for so long. Please God help me not look so disgusting. I'm too young to look this bad.

Please, God, don't punish me anymore. I can't handle it.

Please God help my skin get better and look better, please God help my skin get better and look better, please God help my skin get better and look better. Please, I really mean it. It seems like I've had so many problems, I don't know why I seem to be getting more. Please help me, God. I'm sorry, God, if I seem selfish. I am thankful for what I do have. I was just about to make amends with my other issues, and then I got this one. I can't even look at myself in the mirror anymore. Please help me look better.

I'm sorry about what I said about my grandma, but how can I understand what she did to those people? Do I have to pity her for going to those lengths?

Please God help me not be so sad.
This is to my family. I wish I could say this to your face. But it would do no good. No matter how good, logic or right I am, my words will fall on deaf ears. You will never see logic. You will never change. I have cared for much more than you have ever deserved. I have let you affect my live much more than you should have. and Im done. I don't care anymore.

Blood does not make a family. Blood does not create bonds, they are made. I wish I cared, I really do. I keep coming back out of some sick twisted desire for something like everyone else seems to have. I always walk away disappointed.

Not every needs to be taken personally. There doesn't always have to be a side. There doesn't always have to be a "bad guy". Why does the tiniest difference of opinion have to turn into ww3. Are you all so afraid of someone seeing your own faults that you have to visiously attack someone else? You all claim to think and love me like family, but when, when have you EVER treated me so? As far as I am concerned you are family on paper alone. she does not deserve the title of "mother" mothers give love, I was given only minimial food and shelter. She is a sociopath. and you all are stupid for jumping through hoops for her to please her and for believing her stories. You are all GROWN women who let your momy tell you what to feel, when to be angry and when to forgive. do you not have minds of your own?

Do you all actually think I'd sit by idlely and let you do the same to my real brother and to take your side over my real mom? You claim she's picking on H-. I read the letter, it was one of concern. And how is what you are doing any diferant. you'd say well my brother is an adult and H- isn't. Well if you see him as an adult talk to him about it instead of telling his mommy on him. sure he's made mistakes, but some of you have done far worse, morally and legally. He hasn't done nothing that you would expect out a rebelious 24 year old. and btw your kids fight whether my brother is there or not. you let them get away with murder, your kids are rotten: hint: 2 year olds shouldn't have to compete with 12 year olds for baby/toddler toys, they are perfectly capable of getting in fights by themselves without my brother and frequently do which you would know if you actually watched them once in a while. hint 2: meds only work if you take them. hint 3:violent behavior is not a symtom of a.d.d.

I suffered abuse at all your hands. Although I never forgave, I was willing to move on. I was hoping for that family bond that everyone seems to have but me. That was a chance none of you deserved. I will not sit by idlely and let you treat my real brother the same you treated me. I will not let my children be exposed to your childrens rotten behavior and to your mind games and let them become your future victims.

I hate that you still control me. I hate that I'm still scared of you. I hate that Im scared to tell anyone anything. Everything was always amunition you people. I hate that i feel guilty for not caring. I hate that I care about that. Im afraid that people will think Im a bad person.

Im done with you all. I pray to anyone who would listen that I never cross paths with any of you again. No good will come of it. and i don't know if I can hold back anymore. and I know from past experience any stuch extanches with you will only lead to more anger, frustraitions and make me the new target of your viciousness.
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Wile -- are we married to the same man?

To my darling students: Internet-speak is not appropriate for e-mails to your professor as well as written case study responses. I'm not one of your pals and I'm not going to respond to you with "Later!"
Originally Posted by PhDCow
Girl, how did you know...ay yi fn
How freaking hard is it to answer a yes or no question?

Seriously. Go to that hot place you deserve to be so much...
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
It would have been four years if you hadn't shoved your head so far up your butt that you can't see any thing except for your colon. I know I should be happy that you're no longer in my life, but I still miss you and I still love you. I hope this gets easier. It just has to.
"It's hard to remember a time, when I didn't have you", Richie Sambora
"Boys are bad and men are stupid", WB's
"After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh" Mr. Big
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You are such an ******* sometimes...
Lately, much more...I don't know why you can't 'get' it...
To family..listen to this I am going to check all of you one time so I don't have to repeat myself..If someone dies in the family and you say" we need to get together and keep in touch..we shouldn't have to get together when someone dies.." listen why do I need to do all of the arranging, emailing and making sure everyone keeps in people are annoying..If I send an email to you with suggestions and places to go, asking for a vote, and ask how are you,,I do not want an email saying hi..please. So guess what, no family reunion..I refuse to go thru this bull..and by the way if you don't respond we ( my parents, sister, brothers and their familiew) are going to Sin City without you..that's Las Vegas to the sheltered family members who haven't traveled anywhere) I am sorry but I am vetoing your suggestions of Hilton Head..My branch of the family...we like to party. If I want to be bored, I will stay home.. to the cousin that I haven't seen since granddad died, (22 years ago) leave cut the umbililcal cord already..I heard what you and your mother said about me..and I can't help it if I am the adventurous one, (How dare you say that I need the lord. I am not religious by a long shot, but maybe the "lord" made me t his way). I swear as long as I have my immediate mother, father, two brothers, their wives, niece, nephew, sister and my favorite aunt, I am truly Sin City here we come.. Whew I feel better..There was more, but hey, you really wouldn't get it since 95 percent of you live dull, sheltered, uneventful , boring lives. You can stay sheltered and never experience life if you want to., but not me.. I refuse to let you use religion to try to quiet me down, or to beat me into submission. Yes, I am the anomaly of the family but hey, I got to do me!!!

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