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Two friends-of-friends (of mine) recently had a threesome with one of their ex-boyfriends. Plus, it was a female-female-male threesome, even though one of the women had often commented that female bisexuals and lesbians are gross. Our mutual friend is moderately butch and pretty obviously lesbian.


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maybe they mean your booty has room to grow???
Originally Posted by Speckla
Huh? Lol
Originally Posted by moodydove
Not you.
oh, how i want to pull a paper bag over my head and disappear from sight.
a waitress today OFFERED ME WINE.

I know I can look older than 15, but do I look old enough to not be carded?? in fact, even offered alcohol?

I'm a bit shocked.
Originally Posted by CurlyEyes
OH MY GOD! I was at a mexican restaurant with some friends and the waitress asked me if I would like a margarita. Ignored EVERYONE ELSE at the table, but asked me.

I was like, the youngest person at the table, with MAYBE one exception. I was like "Seriously? I'm Fif-freakin-teen!"

All of my friends told me I should have ordered a bunch and shared them with the rest of the table....I think we're joining Ninja and Spring in the handbasket....
Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

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An 8-year-old I know:

"There was this guy called Hitler, and I really don't like him."
I have to get four shots today, and this makes me cranky.
Under construction.
Oh Karma.

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Is this my future? Cleaning houses for flirtatious wealthy men? Is this why I've met every godamned deadline I've ever been given, and chased new jobs relentlessly for an effing year?

On the other hand, it's been a long time since I actually envied someone his house. That pool! A true thing of beauty.
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Maryanne died yesterday. She'll never get to see the sun, or my dogs, or Mike or Tom, or the girls again.

I'm so sorry.
{{{Ninja}}} I'm sorry mija.
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Oh ninja dog, lots and lots of hugs for you. please feel lots and lots better.
Ninja, I'm so sorry. Big, BIG hugs to you and everyone this loss touches. {{{ninja}}}

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This just hasn't been your year, Ninja-Roo. (((((ninja)))))

If I was anywhere nearby I would bring you some of the yummy vegetarian lasagna I'm baking. I would try to send it, but it would probably spoil....
Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

Dame Kenz Matilda Jayhawk-Rocksalt, heir to the family diamonds.
Dear preschool owner,

I am a bit peeved that we met with you yesterday, and you told us you're being deployed with the Air Force, and your assistant teacher is getting married and moving, so your school is closing. The new school year starts in two weeks, and I sincerely hope we're not SOL in getting our kids into another preschool at the last minute. I feel like I should have listened to my coworker who said that you were undependable. And I feel a little guilty about feeling that way, because if you really are getting deployed for military service, I shouldn't hold that against you, but I'm still stuck at the last minute for getting my kids into a preschool, which sucks.
{{{hugzzzz}}}} for you ninja!!!
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Thank you, everyone.

I'm glad I have you all to "talk" with. I think losing someone, or knowing someone who gave up on life (though she wasn't a suicide), makes the beauty of the world shine that much brighter, for some reason.

I really appreciate your kindness. I'm crying, but I have to go walk my dogs. Do you think people will be smart enough to leave me alone if I'm not sobbing outright?

Guess I'll find out.
Ninja, I'm so sorry.

I'm seriously stressed out right now. It feels like nothing is going right and I'm so tired.
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I'm sorry, nynaeve. It's got to be so hard, being a new Mom with a little one.

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