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What the hell was THAT supposed to mean??!?!?!? And the little giggle you made afterwards made me want to go through the phone and slap you. No wonder your other son is such a ****ing prick. GEEZ! "What do you have in your garage???" <smirking/smart ass tone of voice>....

GRRR... Like did you think we lived in a ****ing cave or what? We have a bar-b-q pit, lawn mower, lawn furniture, etc. Now, I'm sure we don't have all the great stuff that your little titty baby pansy ass son has, but we are little nerds. He probably has spare computer parts in his garage. And his suck up brown nosing cheese ass girlfriend probably has somethign equally as dorky. Either that or you gave him all of your old stuff or bought him new ****. At least our stuff we got on our own and not from you. I know that is your little baby and he must have the best while your other son is at least a MAN and can take care of his own stuff without his mommy helping.

Oh, and we are way more domestic than you are *****! Your house is big and fancy, but not near as cozy as ours is and you decorate ugly. For your husband being so feminine, I would think your house would be done cuter! Haha! I am soooooooooo glad my mom came back with me and you didn't.
A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

" could have a turd on your head and no one would notice."~Subbrock

"I had an imaginary puppy, but my grandpa ate him."~Bailey
To all the customers who seem to think their main purpose in life is to make me feel like crap: Grow up!

I know it seems that the only way to cope with your miserable life is to make at least one person feel as miserable as you, but for every irrational, cruel response you give me over your iced grande petty latte there are 2 customers that are kind that make my job worthwhile.

Hang up the damn cell phone when you order.

Don't put your hand up to me and tell me to wait to give you the mocha YOU ordered.

If you're running late, you should not be in drive thru in the first place.

Just because I work in "food service" doesn't mean you are some how better than me.

I'm NOT sorry we ran out of maple scones. You just need to wake up earlier.

To the stupid dome-lid're just a *****. Nothing more to say to you.

To the man in the truck who scared me and made me cry...its just coffee. No need for assault.


On the other side...Thank you to you happy people that take "how are you?" beyond perfunctoriness (if thats a word...) Thank you for getting off the phone, for smiling and for saying thank you. I appreciate how you make me feel like a part of a community and not like a disposable machine.
Thank you.

You may not know how much that talk helped me, but I have a feeling you do.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
I'm sorry that i become *****y when i don't have you around me..
i have nothing against what you were doing , I've just been feeling alone and I'm really trying my best to make sure that i keep everything under control , i try to keep myself busy , i go to the gym damn 6 times a week to keep the time going.. so yeah work and gym , home plus not having you around.. makes me *****y sometimes.
And the end of the day , all you've got is yourself..
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I can't believe what you're doing to him. I think it's so ****ty.
And I can't believe you didn't listen to me, now things are gonna get ****ty...I hope I'm wrong...but I doubt it...*sigh*
:x :x

I can't believe you.

Maybe you really need serious psychological help. Maybe that's why you can't understand my flat out telling you things are not ok.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
- Balance your m@%$&^f*@#ing "checkbook" *before* we're three and a half hours away from home, only to discover you're terribly in the hole. You swore this wouldn't happen *again*. Nothing is changing and I'm way past sick of it. And overdraft protection isn't a solution for an empty bank account. It was good for the emergency but it shouldn't have been needed since you had so much advance notice and specifically promised this wouldn't happen. You're a big boy now, act like it.
On second thought, eff it, do whatever floats your d@mn boat. I'm getting out at the next stop.

- This could be big trouble. Intriguing, but ultimately a really bad idea.
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The answer is no. Please don't pressure me to say it, and please don't force the issue or back me into a corner either.
"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then we live with that decision."
- Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

(taking a break from posting starting late august 2009)
How dare you try to write me up.

the eason that your wrote me up was stupid.

The check amount the customer wrote was $26.71. Her check number was #2661. How dare you tell me that the amount was for 26.61. Can't you read? Then when we argued about it you had the nerve to tell me the nubmers on the botteom of the check came from the register. WRONG--the numbers on the bottom of her chck was the routing number, account number and the check number..the cash register prints out on the back of the check..I have had a checking account for years..I also worked in a bank. I know where the checkk numbers are located.You are so effing stupid..How did you get the job of supervisor. This is not finished. I am off today, I am going to the job to dispute this..Writing me up was the wrong thing to do..You are upset and mad because you got me confused with another co-worker.She told you her name and I told you my name. Just for the record. We do not look alike we told you in a professional way...Besides that you have known us for 6 months andnow you want to behave like an idiot. Yes you just wanted to write me up because of my near perfect record.
It's funny, you claim to be such a good Christian but I have YET to see anything remotely Christian about your behavior.
Slinky's rule for

I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?
We are SO leaving this ridiculous neighborhood. Good-bye, W* Virginia. Good-bye, army of nasty mothers wearing North Face fleece jackets (even when it's 65 degrees out) and Crocs and carrying your Vera Bradley bags. Your entire identity is based on securing real estate in this decaying, overpriced neighborhood. You do not value uniqueness, kindness, or diversity. Your public school is run by your posse of PTA moms like a private, elitist academy, but I have yet to encounter anyone with real intelligence/wisdom here. It's just arrogant, pushy women.

(edited to remove the name)
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Well guess what Mr C. I still hate your F------ guts and I probably always will, you ruined my life, but guess what now i can say Thank you for being such a heartless son of a *****, for now I have found my dream and guess what you are not a part of it. I hate You C... oh yes I do.....and yes you will get yours in every shape and form and I will be the one laughing...
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It's my day off too, and you get a hell of a lot more of them than I do. I'm tired of you *****ing about having to do something until I get sick of hearing it and do it myself. I'm tired of you trying to give me guilt trips or expecting praise every time you so "generously" do a load of laundry or wash some dishes. You live there, too! I don't wear all your clothes, or drink from all your glasses.

And your mother says I'M the irresponsible one. Yeah. Okay.
Today was the first time we saw each other since October, you text me to see if it was really me (although how you could mistake my hair for someone elses I'll never know) and now I don't know what to do. What do I say? I haven't said anything to you since August. I've spoken to your sister more often. I hate this feeling. I hate the stupid jumping heart feeling I get when ever I do see you.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
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Yessssss....yesssss....yessssss! Woo hoo...yeaaahhhhh!!!
i dont know what to do
i want it to happen but im too scared
everyones saying ya though
i hope ill have the courage
Please don't blame us because you are too dumb to figure out the tube system. It is just like every other bank. The "send" button sends the tube in. How hard is that?

Please learn how to fill out a deposit slip. Learn how to count cash & coin. Learn that you can't get cash back on a business deposit. Learn that if you don't tell us how you want your cash back when we asked, you can't be mad that we didn't read your mind and just somehow know that you wanted fives instead of twenties. Banking is not rocket science. You, too, can help us help you.
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"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then we live with that decision."
- Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

(taking a break from posting starting late august 2009)
Where oh, where did all this crap in my closet come from??? When I move, I MUST find a way to organize my closet so as to not have a mess such as I do now!!
i hope you guys don't get addicted to that junk
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins

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