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OMG, what a GREAT weekend I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting new people who I actually click with....please call me
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

I don't expect you to 'get' what's going on with me, as there's so much I haven't told you. But I thought you'd at least see something was out of whack and maybe show some concern. I mean, I'd like to be able to trust you with the truth, but so far you haven't shown yourself to be the kind of person who'd appreciate being trusted like that.

Your loss. *shrug*
I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
I was told to fax my records so I did & you supposedly didn't get them the end of Sept. Did you get such in the mail the mid of Oct or not?! Tell me if the info's being reviewed by the doc, so I can get a damn appointment! Do I need to drive 30-plus minutes to hand-deliver all so I know you got them?!

At the first visit you were alarmed & said I need surgery but at the second visit you were calm & said I didn't?! At the first visit you were a sanctimonious ass without my husband there & at the second visit you were cordial with my husband there?! And at the second visit you can't look at/talk with me but you can my husband, until I get in your face?! You've had my x-rays for over a week, what are the results already?!

I'm supposed to get one test, but I'm sent for something else instead?! Is this yet another **** up on the nurse's part or TriCare's part like with the MRI needing to be with dye but requested & approved without that made me wait weeks longer then too?!


I've had this pain for years & you're going to tell me to take antidepressants though I've been on them?! But I can come back if the pain is still there?!

Who is my new doc?! I need to follow up on things after going in for all sorts of tests & supposedly needing another! But the doc left before requesting such/in the middle of everything & hasn't been/won't be back!

I'm tired of the military & civilian medical incompetence!!!

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Good lord! When you told me the cortisone shot MIGHT cause me a little trouble sleeping, I had no idea I would only get an hour of sleep! But my clean house thanks you. As well as my non-itchy skin.
Nothing like a hair cut and fresh color to make me feel good... and look good too if I might say so myself!!
Body: Please stop hurting; I love you and care about you, you're the vessel of my whole being. Everything will be alright. Please let all that hurt go.
Seriously??? Why do you lead great girls on?? You went out with her for 2 weeks, had 4 GREAT dates, you met her freinds, she met your freinds, all was well...then nothing?? What could she have possibly done (or not done) that made you just NOT talk to her anymore. No conversation to maybe work through the issue, just nope...cut off. Now I have to sit at home and let her vent to me as to why she is all butt hurt, she cant stop thinking about you...she REALLY liked you. But now she is lost again, thinking all guys are lame. I know she will jump back but I want my freind back. She was so happy getting to know you. I know it was only 2 weeks but relationshhips start somewhere...

....and damnit, I want to talk to her about the guy I like but she is so bitter right now that it doesnt matter...all guys are lame I guess

Why the games?? why is it always games??
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

To the *****y lady at work: This is only my third day on the job. Don't expect me to know things I don't. Everything about the job is great, everything about all my co workers is great. Dont you dare make work a living hell. I really need the money. Stop taking yourself so seriously anyway. You manage banquets at a hotel, as a career! This gives you no right to be on a power trip. Don't trash talk Kel to the other snotty lady when I'm in the same room. If you weren't an idiot you would realize that Kel is my friend and the one who helped me get the job. You probably hate her for the same reason you hate me. We are young and like to have fun and are attractive. I'm sorry your past your prime but please do us all a favor and get laid! I think it would really help.

and the reason my shoes look like slippers is because they are! You said shoes needed to be black. Well my slippers are black so mind your own business. If you were busing tables for 5 hours you would know how bad your feet hurt when it's done.
Hair: Thank you for being so cute and for all the compliments you encourage people to give me.

I have to add one more because i'm watching the news right now and it got me worked up.

Kids are going to have sex. They will. If they want to, they will find a way. You not giving them access to birth control and information is not going to stop it from happening. It's just going to stop them from having safe, informed sex. Your relegious preaching of abstinence or no sex till marriage is just scaring them so much that when they do have unprotected sex and get pregnant they freak out and do things like kill the baby as soon as they have it!

geez i could go on all day with these rants. but thinking about everything that annoys me puts me in a bad mood. So on a positive note:

I love my boyfriend! I'm crazy about him. and it doesn't matter if he is white and I'm mixed. and it doesn't matter that I'm 19. I've seen more things in my 19 years than most have seen in a lifetime. and love, is love.
Yes, we may use different words in the south than you do. There are plenty of things that have different descriptions depending on where you live. For example: Coke/soda/pop. Maybe I donít use the same term you would use, but mine is a legitimate word too. I am NOT ignorant. You donít have to try to make me feel ignorant for not using the words you would use. Call someone else if you donít like the words I use. My southern hospitality is about to fly out the window. Or transom. Or pane. Or porthole. Or whichever word suits you.
Why do I stay in this damn town, I hate the women here they are all insane, I really wish I could find someone my own age who didn't get their panties in a bunch when I answer their question in a way they weren't expecting to hear.
Figures...I bet you're like the rest of them anyway.
Whatever, you deserve each other a$$holes.
3a/3b mix
5 year HG's:
-L'oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture creme
-Ouidad Climate Control gel
Why are you such a ****ing *******? Can't you be nice to people? Does your life suck so much that you're mean to everyone? Maybe you should just leave if your life is so bad.
God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.

Dood, I never even addressed you personally!

I don't understand -- are you just some bitter person without a life that resorts to passive-aggressive psychology? I hate that ish! I really do.

I'd rather you just come out and state a disagreement than pulling that bullshat.

It's just crap.
I love you Bed, Bath and Beyond. Thank you for taking all of my coupons, even the expired ones. You rock.

I've been pining for a food processor for years; thanks for such a great deal.
Do NOT want to leave for two weeks...I just want to stay home!! I like my job, but hate leaving for two weeks at a time... Thankfully I'll be back home in time for the holiday.
Speaking of the holiday...PLEASE get along and don't make me wish I was working this year.
Dood, I never even addressed you personally!

I don't understand -- are you just some bitter person without a life that resorts to passive-aggressive psychology? I hate that ish! I really do.

I'd rather you just come out and state a disagreement than pulling that bullshat.

It's just crap.
Originally Posted by Usoda
I'm sorry!

Actually, heehee. Unless you're the pharmacist I chewed out today, I know it's NOT about me since that was my only fight today.... and I wasn't on the boards. I just had to say it!

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