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For some reason, I love the phrase "chopped salad." Also, "Cobb salad."

Saria, what's the salad with tuna and eggs, etc. ? It has a French name. Maybe SIB would like that, too.

Wait: Nicoise!

I wish I knew how to use my keyboard to punctuate French properly.

I am so sick of my school calling "2 hour delays". Don't get my wrong, they're definitely needed at times, just NOT the way that they do them. Why can't we be like every other fricking college in the area, that has a "10 AM start"? No, no. Instead, I get out like an hour and a half later than I usually would, thereby making me have to go straight to work on Tuesdays. With no food, mind you, because I only have 5 minutes in between classes, and barely enough time to get to work on time.

Someone needs to change this. I might go crazy before winter is over.

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What is frisee? When I first read it, I thought you wrote frisbee lol

Thanks for the suggestion ninja but I don't like tuna

And what exactly is a chopped salad? I'll probably Google it but wanted to ask first
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Niçoise salad is delicious. Heh, the iPhone has all the foreign language characters. Most of the time I'm still too lazy to take the few extra seconds it takes to hold down a letter to use them though.
Frisee is chicory. It's a crisp green. Too many pictures online of salade Lyonnaise where the green part of the frisee is used. You want to use the pale part.
A chopped salad is a chopped vegetable salad. It can have just about anything.
I like one with lots of different vegetables and herbs and pickled red onion. Fennel, cucumber, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, radicchio, endive, chives, tarragon, chervil, dill, pickled onions, and lemon vinaigrette. But any sort of combo is good. Pickled peppers, corn, anything. Feta or any cheese you like, hardboiled eggs can be added if you want protein.

I also really liked a white salad I used to make. It was raw celery root, parsnips, fennel, endive, turnips, plenty of lemon juice, olive oil, and a shaved cheese (we used Toma Celena, but Parmigiano or a similar cheese works).
This is a good salad for winter. So are citrus salads, especially with some beets.

Hee, I find leafy green salads kinda boring.
Oh yeah, this Chow article gets it right as to the problems with certain salads and how to fix them:
How to Troubleshoot Your Salad - Feature - Food News - CHOW

Delicious Salad Recipes - Chicory and Arugula Salad with Honey Vinaigrette - Photo Gallery - CHOW

A good tutorial on vinaigrette (especially because he knows the problem with balsamic):
How to Make French Vinaigrette | David Lebovitz
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I am now wishing for a salad.

This is probably a good thing.
Then I shouldn't tell you about the Shaker lemon pie I'm going to be putting in the oven soon.
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Yesyoushould! Yes, please, you certainly should!

(I'm a pie masochist.)
For some reason, I love the phrase "chopped salad." Also, "Cobb salad."

Saria, what's the salad with tuna and eggs, etc. ? It has a French name. Maybe SIB would like that, too.

Wait: Nicoise!

I wish I knew how to use my keyboard to punctuate French properly.
Originally Posted by ninja dog
Me too, but (and I haven't read the previous posts so I hope I don't insult anybody here), I love it because to me it sounds soooo stupid. Aren't all salads chopped? When did this phrase come into being and WHY?
Well, no not all salads are chopped. A salad of tatsoi with duck confit for example, or endive spears with blue cheese, or a shaved fennel, watercress, and apple salad, or the aforementioned white salad.
But chopped salads refer to fairly small diced vegetables, cheese, meat, that make up the bulk of a salad. It can have lettuce, but it's not the focus and everything is a little more uniform in size.

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Ooh, endive. I forgot about how much I like it.

I also think of this as coleslaw season (I know; most people prefer it in summer). With homemade mayo, of course. Lots of mustard seed.
I'm more of a vinegar/lime slaw type. Coleslaw with mayo has always been unpalatably sweet for me. I like buttermilk slaw though. And I bet coleslaw made with homemade mayo would remedy the sweetness problem.
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Please explain vinegar/lime slaw, please!

(My coleslaw's not sweet at all. I hate sloppy, watery, sugary coleslaw. It's a sorry excuse for the real thing.)
Just slaws made with no creamy element. Melon and cucumber with mint and lime dressing for example. Apple, fennel, radish with rice wine vinegar. That sort of thing.
Your slaw sounds great. I love mustard seeds.
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I make it in a big bowl, then carry it to the table and polish off the whole thing. It's good for me, right?

I am looking up lime salads. I love lime.
Ninja dog we are clearly related by fewer than 6 degrees of separation. I love lime!
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Orbit makes lime/melon gum! It's smelly and delightful.
I really don't get why some women I work with constantly blame all their moodiness on hormones and periods. It's weird and shouldn't be an excuse for being a ******.
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cl, do you think some people are more affected by hormonal changes? I've wondered this.

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