Invitation Etiquette Question

I am throwing a shower and the Guest of Honor actually lives in another state. Is there a nice way to say...

"please just ship stuff directly to her house" (two states away)
That's a tough one, etiquette-wise you shouldn't put anything on the invitation regarding gifts. I like Claudine's idea if you put it on the invitation, if not maybe there's a way you can put directly on her registry?
I like claudine's suggestion, but if you say "Gifts may be sent directly to xxx at xxx", then the "may be sent" it leaves it open for people to bring them to the shower. I've realized from experience that no matter what you do, there will always be people who won't follow directions - or maybe don't even read. I think this is a situation where etiquette is out the window. I'd probably put on the invitation something like "If desired, please sent gifts directly to xxx at xxx." or "If you wish to bring a gift, please send directly to xxx at xxx."
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Thanks ladies. she is really worried about not coming off the wrong way.

I like the idea of adding it to her registry. I told her to register at, as they automatically allow that option

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