Good color theme for bathroom?

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So my bathroom has no window.
What would be a good theme for the shower curtains in rugs?
I don't want a dark color, and was thinking about a ocean theme or a yellow and white theme.
advice is welcomed
None of line really have a theme, just colours.

Upstairs is a greeny tan, towels, curtain and shower curtain are black. Garbage can & all the counter stuff are chrome.

Main floor is a chocolate brown with creme & burgundy accents.

Basement, the walls are a light blue, all the accents are blues & teals. It's been like that since I moved in and I hate it. I never go down there, so forget about it. I want the walls lime green though and all black accents. The adjoining room is a lot of black and green accents, so think it'll go well.
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I don't really do a theme in mine either. I have 2 Windows, high up, above the shower but the bathroom still seems relatively dark. The walls are a very light gray/blue. Actually more like white tinted with a hint of gray/blue. I have white subway tiles in the shower and as the back splash behind the sink and a 3 inch stripe of gray, cobalt, & sky blue & blue/gray mosaic tiles running thru those. Counters are white, sink is cobalt, floor is large gray rectangle tiles, the counters are white and the cabinets have a cranberry stain.

Normally I put down white bath mats and put up clear shower curtains. It helps filter the light better. I do keep it where I can throw up a different printed curtain if I want. Right now I have a white one with owls all over it. I was in the mood for a change. I could do owl when it wears out or go back to clear.
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I prbly wouldn't go all out with a theme, unless it's a little kids bathroom. Are you investing only in mats and a shower curtain? Or do you have money in the budget for paint or wallpaper & other items like vases, soap dispensers, framed art? I think you should Google cool bathroom images & post some you like for us to discuss! Lol

If you just want to update the shower curtain, take a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond or similar & check out what they have on the shower curtain rack. If you see one you love, just pick up some coordinating mats etc to go with.

Yrs ago I had a small bathroom that was all white but had wallpaper with black&white large-scale drawings of topless Grecian type women. Clear curtain & black trashcan, black soap dish, black toothbrush holder, etc. No color but very dramatic & I got tons of compliments. (But I'm a black & white kinda person.)

I hope you show us pics of what you're considering & the end result!

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We did our main bathroom earlier this year and it's all white apart from the floor tiles, blind and accessories, which are grey (no shower curtain as we have a glass door). I got bright blue towels to add some colour as it's a bit too stark tbh, but we have a massive window so it's very light anyway - if you have no window it might work quite well to lighten things up.
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mine was painted an odd shade of pale butter yellow, so i changed it to a shade called Peach Ash - a pale coral colour with a gray undertone.

it has almost no storage, so after years of dealing with a really bad vanity, i have bought the supplies to make a better one - a longer open vanity with shelving under a vessel sink.

and even though i have a glass stand-up shower, i made a curtain to go over the door in a lovely shade of dusty salmon with a tone-on-tone pattern of little squares.

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I looked for a shower curtain I liked that went with my walls and floor (1950's black and white tile), and then decided to paint my walls a complimentary color.

I have almost this EXACT tile setup - floor and walls, but my bathroom is larger.

Then I bought this
and painted my walls that lighter blue.

Then I decided I needed black and white art, and I just loved having something that fit in the room, so I framed them and hung them above the toilet.

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