Crocs for little kids?

My kids decided last week that they wanted Crocs for their summer shoes instead of sandals. The boys got bright green, and my daughter got bright blue. They are very cute on the 3-yo, but not as much on the older ones, IMO.

My daughter thinks she's a trend setter. She says she's never seen anyone wear them before (clearly never noticed!) and think's they're so great that everyone will want a pair.
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I wound up getting the pink "Croclings" style Crocs for DD and they're great. The soft, stretchy neoprene part keeps them securely on her feet. She can run and jump and climb and they don't come off or flop up and down like the regular "Cayman" style Crocs do.

I think for little ones, "Croclings" are a great idea. I'm thinking of getting her a second pair!

the boys received their scutes which grandma purchased for them. It's this one and the toddler sizes have straps:

Ian has them in black and Ryan in navy. Too bad that right after the package arrived the temp dropped 20 degrees and yet he still wanted to go out in his comfy sandals. LOL
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I want some of these!
Gotta get over to
Now if I could just find my size...grrr
lol @ marielle
I think little kids look cute in almost anything.
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All I can say is - make sure you get a size that fits your child's foot at the time they will be wearing them. Don't get a size or two up - if your child does a lot of playing and running around (what child doesn't?) the shoes can come off easily. I teach a little three year old girl who wears crocs that her mother bought a size up, and she's almost constantly tripping over her shoes because her feet move around so much in them. On the other hand, another child in the same class wears crocs that are his current shoe size, and he hasn't had a single problem with them. I think they're adorable on little kids, but it makes it easier if you buy them fit to wear right then. HTH
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Well, I just caved and picked up a pair for my 18 month old. These are Baby Dawgs, size 7 (he wears a 5.5 in his Stride Rites and a size 7 Crocs are way too big on him). They have a nice elasticized back which keeps them on snug. I barely got them on him before he was tearing out the store and through the mall. So he obviously likes them! He got black with a red backstrap.

I'm sorry, I can't help but post that Crocs are one of the ugliest things on earth. To all of you who say "but they're so comfortable!" my answer, which I believe I've posted on these boards before, is that big ol' sweatpants and t-shirts and a ponytail are comfortable too. . . but we're not all running around town wearing that. Although, if you were wearing that, then I guess I could understand the Crocs!

Please don't subject your children to these hideous shoes.
Originally Posted by Who Me?
omg. I totally agree!

but I saw a pair of lime green ones at JoAnn Fabrics for really cheap (not crocs but same exact thing) and I impulse bought them. and now they're the only shoes I wear outside in the backyard. It's like your barefoot only better and I'm a big barefoot fan. It's like you're walking around on little clouds. The soles have a really nice shallow tread, if you step in a big pile of mud, take a few steps and all of the mud is gone. Also, you can just hose them off. These are the stupidest looking ugly freak shoes but I love them.

That said, there is no way I'm wearing them out in public.
Originally Posted by WebjockeyGuide
These aren't Crocs... they're a knock-off, of which there are many. Real Crocs, from what I understand from what I've read, are very well made.
I just saw a commercial for a pair of shoes by Sketchers that look similar - I think they'd be cuter on kids, though. Some of them look the same as Crocs, others are that "wrap-around" type of shoe, if you get what I'm saying.

Or, I could just link you to the site...


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I think Crocs are kind of fugly (although they do look soooooo comfortable) but I bet they're cute as hell on kids. I think my friend's niece (who's going to be four in a few days!) has a pair. She's a little diva.
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I just saw a commercial for a pair of shoes by Sketchers that look similar - I think they'd be cuter on kids, though. Some of them look the same as Crocs, others are that "wrap-around" type of shoe, if you get what I'm saying.

Or, I could just link you to the site...

Originally Posted by SarahCurlyGirl
How could you not want a pair of shoes called "Bumblebugs"?!?! Too cute!
I'm gonna add my two cents about proper fit. As a preschool teacher I see a lot of kids wearing them. Sometimes they come off really easily even with the strap. I've had kids climbing the monkey bars or the"mountain" as we call it at our school, and their crocs are falling off. This even happens when they are swinging! The shoes go flying. Obviously this isn't safe. I don't think they stay on as securely as sandals with a strap. They are better than flip flops, though!
We went to the town park last night and can I tell you how many kids on the playground were wearing Crocs? It's like an epidemic around here!
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Betsy has 2 prs & wears them every chance she gets. The only places she can't wear them is school & the playground for the same reason snaphunk mentioned. Those 2 places call for sneakers!
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