Thick cuticles?

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Does anyone else have trouble with her cuticles? Mine grow very long and thick and require cutting.

Do you cut yours yourself or get manicures? What products do you like? Right now I'm using Sparitual and Malvala to soften and allegedly dissolve before trimming with a Tweezerman tool.

What's your system?


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Oh my gosh, mine are exactly the same! Most of the time they don't release from my nail beds and will actually begin to ache.

Cuticle oils do nothing so I end up (I KNOW this sounds gross but it works) using my own saliva to soften them, then push them back and cut them off. For some reason (maybe an enzyme in it?) my saliva seems to soften them better that plain water or oil. Oils just seem to dry them out like crazy.

I'll be interested to hear what others do to manage theirs because this spit thing always grosses me out. It works but yuck! (can't believe I admitted that on the internet!)
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I don't have this problem, but eche428, I think you are right about the enzyme. I purchased some kind of cuticle softener from Mineral Fusion, and I think the active ingredient is papaya enzyme. I use this on my cuticles before I do a manicure. I let it sit for about a minute, and then I push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick. If they are super-thick, I will trim them after pushing. I know that you're not supposed to do that, but on a couple of fingernails, I would otherwise have a pocket of skin just sitting there!

My favorite way to push back cuticles is to soak my fingertips in warm soapy water for about seven minutes. That seems to soften everything, and the cuticles push back easily.
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I have this problem on my toes but not on my fingers. I get professional pedicures or they get ground away when I use the "drill" to remove that white flaky residue that forms when the cuticle fails to completely detach.

What's the "drill" in this context?
Originally Posted by claudine191
LOL I'm assuming it's a power file/buffer.

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Is that for regular nails or acrylics?
Originally Posted by claudine191
Munchy's right. It comes with various drill head attachments...some of which would be suitable for natural nails. But I can't see buying this solely for natural nails. I do my own acrylics, so that's why I have it. But I will use it (w/ appropriate drill head) for my natural toenails and my daughter will use it for her natural fingernails (w/ appropriate drill head). Can also be used for small household projects. I chipped a tiny piece out of my tooth and smoothed it down w/ this. Smoothed down rough spots on wall and furniture, etc.

Nails and teeth? Walls and furniture?

Originally Posted by claudine191

I also buff my diamond ring to a dazzling shine w it!
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I have deep nail beds, which is even worse. No fake nails for me. I also believe in the Gelish polish. It's been wonderful at staying on.
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