View Poll Results: Who Will Win?
Mercedes 3 15.79%
Shandi 7 36.84%
Yoanna 8 42.11%
I don't want any of them to win 1 5.26%
Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll

America's Next Top Model Who Will Win? Last Chance To Vote

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I was looking at amazon for this book you guys are talking about and look what I found: Too funny! You know, everytime I looked at Janice I wondered how in the world she could have been a supermodel because I don't think she's very pretty. I just looked at some old pics of her and wow, she looked different. What happened?
Originally Posted by Summer91
The funny thing is I don't remember Janice at all but then again I didn't come around until the later 70's. She really did look different back then and much better! I guess she feels better after all of the plastic surgeries and nips and tucks but she looks like hell to me now...she looks fake! Also she was a model and still had all of this done. It just goes to show you how many people have distorted images of how they really look, she was beautiful before.
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And this show is so NOT going to produce any kind of next top model. If it produces a working model, I'll be impressed. It's about good tv. As long as it's good TV, I doubt Tyra really cares who wins - as long as they are fashiony enough to keep the show from looking like a total joke.

I agree! Has anyone see Adrienne (or whatever her name was from last year) anywhere? I thought she got a fashion and beauty contract? Maybe she is on the smaller no name designer shows.

I also think Mercedes should've won. I agree with CurlsWannaHaveFun that she nailed that runway, was an excellent fit for the clothes, took excellent pic and a better all around choice for a model. I think Yohanna is absolutely beautiful but I don't think she is the best choice for runway. She has a FLAWLESS face and her last picture was so hot but she would do better in print, and especially in cosmetics.
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