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Pledge of Allegiance

Most people come here to hang out and forget about work/school for a few minutes, discussing these issues like gay marriage, the pledge of allegiance, etc. on this website does not mean in our daily lives we are not interested in other issues that may or may not be deemed "big" issues.
Here's what might be a dopey question, but one worth asking: why the heck did they take the word equality out of the pledge?

The fact is the pledge of allegance was written so long ago, its just part of the american heritage, why does it have to be taken so literally.
Can't we remember what this country was found upon without people going crazy over the wording??

I just think its so absolutely ridiculous that people are up in arms over the words "under God" and making people say it because not everyone is christian and what not but no one cares that this country wants to ban gay marriages which IS ALSO....based on soley religious beliefs!

If you really wanna fight for separation of church and state then it should be for COMPLETE separation not just for the things you want to be separate.
Originally Posted by FoxyCurl
Um... the "under God" part wasn't in it when it was written. It was added in 1954 when Congress wanted to show those godless Commies THEY believed in God. Then, at the ceremony when it was added, they played "Onward Christian Soldiers." (See this article from Slate Magazine for a report on Newdow's arguments before the Supreme Court.) This isn't just "what this country was founded upon." It was added as a confirmation of religious belief - or at least a show of religiosity.

And a lot of us DO care about discrimination against gay people who want to marry (but are capable of being concerned about more than one thing at a time) AND do want COMPLETE separation of church and state. I personally think "In God We Trust" needs to be off the currency. It has no place being there.
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I think CurlyinCali was referring to the idiots who are trying to make gay marriage illegal-even if they disagree with gay marriage, why worry about that as opposed to the jobless. (Remember, CiC is anti-Bush!)

And that the father could have tried for better fights, not that we shouldn't discuss it on this board.

Just my take, based on everything she's shown of her personality so far....

I don't see it as a big issue because when I was growing up we said the pledge each morning, but the teachers didn't care if individuals said it or not. No one seemed to care if another student said it or not. I went through a phase where I didn't want to say the pledge so I didn't, and had no problems. This father also says he doesn't want his daughter exposed to the words-I don't get that, given high schools often teach the Bible as a piece of literature in English classes, schools teach mythology, etc. The daughter isn't being told to believe in G-d by hearing others say the pledge.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
L -- I noticed that too. Maybe it was the realization that it would be hypocritical to have equal in there when there was state sanctioned segregation or maybe it was a statement that equality doesn't matter in American society
Here's what might be a dopey question, but one worth asking: why the heck did they take the word equality out of the pledge?
Originally Posted by Luthien
Read the link I gave earlier. The writer knew it was a "controversial topic" at the time he wrote it since women and many minorities were not allowed to vote at the time so it would not have been a "true" statement.
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