Air Your Pet Peeves...

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Negative people. They can be very draining.
If you are riding in my car with me & change my radio station you are going to pull back a nub. My car. My music.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."
Amaze Balls. There. I said it.
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3a/medium texture/normal porosity
I have hundreds of peeves. I'm easily peeved.
Just a few:
people who tailgate
people who don't treat their pets like family
people who think it's their job to correct everyone else (spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etc)
know it alls
people who brag a lot
people who are rude or who don't have manners
people who constantly whine about the weather
young people thinking older people are stupid or out of touch (and I mean every generation of young people, not just the current one)
people who spend all their time looking at their phones
anyone who tells me what I can say or post on my own facebook wall
anyone who tries to tell me what to wear, how to act, how long and what color my hair should be, to stop getting tattooed and pierced, etc etc
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--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since 2-2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --
Cooking smelly food in the kitchen at work. Fish, processed frozen meals. All stinky.
3a/medium texture/normal porosity

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