View Poll Results: Do you wear matching lingerie?
Always, I buy matching sets 4 7.27%
Only on special occasions 15 27.27%
Sort of - I match color and texture but don't buy sets 15 27.27%
I'm boring, I wear Jockey 5 9.09%
I wear panties with the days on them - Sunday on Thursday of course 0 0%
You have got to be kidding! 16 29.09%
Voters: 55. You may not vote on this poll

Spinoff: Do you wear matching lingerie?

*Plan* on matching, especially after just buying a cute set, but don't follow through.
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PH--The word underfrillies totally cracks me up. I like that much better than the word panties.
Originally Posted by shorty448
Me too. Is it short for pantalettes, maybe? Whatever, it's an outdated word. Underfrillies is much more my style.
Originally Posted by PartyHair
Isn't panties short for pantaloons? Underfrillies is a better word.

Anyway to answer the question/poll, matching sets on special occasions.
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