Don't Mess with our Chocolate

Don't Mess with our

The US Chocolate Industry wants to be able to substitute vegetable oil for cocoa butter and milk substitutes for actual milk when making chocolate. Another way for organizations to use lower quality ingredients while charging the same amount of money. Visit this website and tell the FDA you don't like that idea.
ew. gross.
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i just had a newman own sweet dark organic chocolate.
Ah, another opportunity for the US to strengthen its reputation as a producer of inferior quality goods AND send the message that Americans are a bunch of indiscriminating sheep. No wonder the French hate us! Not to mention the Quebecois!
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I swear if they do it I will personally go there and pimp smack someone in charge upside the back of their heads. I swear to you I will!
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If they add enough sugar, it just might work
I'm sorry but that sounds disgusting. I can't imagine that anything could replace chocolate.

You know how things say "made with real cheese" or whatever? Someday we'll be buying chocolate bars that say "made with real chocolate."

I'm a dark choc. fan, but there should be rules for what can and can't be called milk chocolate, especially as US competes with Europe. If they do that they're shooting themselves in the foot. I would just buy Valrhona or Lindt or a European brand instead.
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I blame the FDA.

When my misguided coworkers were abstaining from chocolate, I had to step in and preside over the White Chocolate Debate. Is it? or isn't it chocolate?

According to the FDA, white chocolate is NOT chocolate because it does not contain cocoa solids. It does contain cocoa butter, but that does not count. So basically the FDA defines chocolate as not needing to contain cocoa butter, but needing to contain cocoa solids.

Anyway, neither of my coworkers lost any weight during the chocolate ban, which just goes to show. It isn't fattening!
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