Gas is $3.60 a gallon here now, how about you?

In L.A. gas is 3.60 a gallon for 87 octane self serve. How much is it where you are?
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I just paid $3.09 for Regular. This is in Albuquerque, NM.
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I just paid 2.81 yesterday in sucks!!

I thought our prices were bad!! I'm paying anywhere from $2.60 - $2.89 a gallon.
I was just out, and prices are around $3.03-$3.09, but there's still a place where I can get it for around $2.96.
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Bay area its about 3.40 (Im inland though, near Vallejo)
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But it depends where you go-in the suburbs it is over $3.00
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About $3 where I am. But my car takes premium, so add on another 20 cents. My car only has a 13 gallon tank. My last fill up was $40.
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Yesterday I paid $2.73 a gallon and didn't realize it was a bargain!

Very happy with my little Mazda that gets over 30 MPG around town...
Around $2.75-$2.80/gal.
Location: Southern NH

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It's 2.89 in my area, but over the River in NJ, it's about 30 cents less. I try to fill up over there whenever I can. They even pump it for you in NJ.
Holy cow.

I just checked online - it's 2.85 here, but I could've sworn that just a few days ago, it was 2.73...


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We are at $2.98 - $3.09. I'm sure it will just get worse.
3.02 in Toledo, Ohio.

It's been in the 2.80s, but it just jumped the other day, of course. And my car is now low on gas. Of course.
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My truck takes the middle grade, $3.48 - $3.60 right now (depending on which gas station I'm near). It cost $49.00 to almost fill up my tank the other day.

My husbands car takes premium. I haven't even paid attention to that price. I just know it's too much!
Bay area its about 3.40 (Im inland though, near Vallejo)
Originally Posted by Starrwithoutnite
I am in the South Bay and my cheapie station is 3.25, it's alot more on the Peninsula.
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Here in Amarillo, TX it is $3.09, highest in the State, that's something to be really proud of. huh?

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