Allergy eyes

I have bad spring/summer allergies, and I'm hoping to be able to get away from using antihistimine pills, because every one I've tried has made me drowsy or feel weird. So far, nasal spray seems to be keeping sneezing and stuffiness at bay, but my eyes are driving me crazy. A couple of questions for you all:

-Are there any allergy eye drops that you can use with contacts?
-Regardless of the contact issue, any suggestions for good allergy eye drops?
-Any other suggestion for soothing itchy, dry, irritated allergy eyes?
My eye doctor was able to give me samples of something. I can't remember the name, but maybe call yours for a rec?
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There are some over-the-counter drops you can use with contacts-- Visine makes some, I think. But definitely calling your eye doctor for a recommendation would be a good idea.

--Oh, I just looked them up, and while they are safe for contacts, they are only supposed to help with irritation. That's good for what it's worth, but they aren't made especially for allergies.
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