Post pics of your dream guy-Mr.Mercedes is still my fave

Originally Posted by sarasara

Originally Posted by Ephesians2:8

His name is Saad Ramadan. He was in the Arabic version if Star Academy. On top of being gorgeous, he has the most amazinnnnnnnnng voice

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This is a fun thread!

So far I'm liking the pics of Paul Walker, the new Mr Lebenon, Adrian Grenier and Rafael Nadal who won Wimbledon last night:

more pics of all the above please.
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Sometimes I go back and forth on this guy. Right now, I'm all for him:

007 Daniel Craig

Originally Posted by Bianca
Oh how I love Daniel Craig.

I also second the vote on Dave Matthews. I always say he's got the sexiest eyebrows.

I also have a huge thing for John Cusack.
All the pictures so far have been uberyummy!! Here are mine!! Sorry they are big (the pictures )



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Steve McQueen is the sexiest man EVER!!

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How could I forget Mr. Smith. I've loved him since Fresh Prince

Someone mentioned Christian Bale earlier and apparently, he is your husband....

Would you mind renting him out? I'd really like to borrow him from time to time, just for fun. I'd pay well.
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another dream guy

yup, i know he looks like the guy I posted about before

(but he isn't)....i know im stuck on one type.....need to change....
I was having a crappy day and this thread just made my day.

Go Mr. New Lebanon and that Raoul guy is HOT!
I agree, Paul Newman was quite handsome back in the day.
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Sorry, I just watched Titanic so he's kinda number 1..for now.

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