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Google 4 57.14%
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Help!My College advertising class - need feedback - Yahoo!

This message board has always come through for me on interesting stuff like this - hoping you guys respond!

My class has been given the task of coming up with a new advertising/ promotions campaign for Yahoo! - many of its services - mainly Yahoo!IM, mail, mobile use, gaming, and music support site usage. The campaign is geared to 12-17 year olds (so that means directly to the kids and also somewhat speaking to their parents) .

Any teens out there - do you use Yahoo! stuff? Do any of you parents use Yahoo! "services" - why or why not? Do your kids use them? IF you don't what might make you want to use it instead.....? Why is MSN or Google better - or worse?

What do you (parents or teens out there) think about the "Life Engine" slogan?

Teens - what would your reaction to a "Y" guy be? What about a Yahoo! ID - a real card, like a driver's license, that would be sort of an allowance credit card for internet shopping - and you could win stuff through your points that you'd get by using Yahoo! services....

I REALLY appreciate any feedbackyou guys can give me!
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Sorry, I'm not a teenager or a parent so I can't help. But good luck o your project.
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I'm not a teen either (far from it!), but I do like MSN better than Yahoo. Let me know if you decide to ask us old fogies too. lI totally understand that I'm not in your target audience. Good luck!

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