View Poll Results: Are you a Bush or Kerry "fan"?
No, I just voted for Bush because he wasn't Kerry. 3 9.09%
No, I just voted for Kerry because he wasn't Bush. 11 33.33%
Yes, I'm a Bush fan! 6 18.18%
Yes, I'm a Kerry fan! 11 33.33%
I didn't vote for either. 2 6.06%
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Political climate question

I keep seeing references to "Bush fans" and Kerry fans but everyone I've spoken to in person voted for one or the other as opposed to his opponent, not because they liked him. I'm curious in a poll how many voted for the lesser of two evils.

As I'm trying to get more politically active, I'm curious how people felt about this election. I'm not interested in more of the same "Oh, I hate Bush, and think anyone who voted for him is an idiot" or "Oh, I hate Kerry and think anyone who voted for him is an idiot." I'm just curious-did you actually *like* your option for whom you voted? I have yet to have anyone tell me they did!
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
I did not like the choices.

I would like people to run for president who do not have all the political connections of either Bush or Kerry--someone who has actually worked to get where they are, and is actually in touch with "the people". I would also like a legitimate candidate who is NOT an old, white, rich, christian male. Unfortunately, it seems as if to be "legitimate" you have to be all of these things. Maybe by the end of my life it will be different

When the democratic primaries came around, I think I was like a lot of people and voted for Kerry because he had the best chance of beating Bush--not because I particularly liked Kerry. It's easy to see how Howard Dean would never have made it even close like Kerry did, considering how many people thought Kerry was way too liberal, even though I believe Dean had a lot of serious believers. Way too many people in this country are afraid of change, and anything new.

If only the people could elect people they really believed in, and only if these people could have a legitimate chance at winning, would I be happy with this country. It's even OK if these people don't agree with me.
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pick your poison....

i voted for kerry because he was the best of two poor choices. howard dean would have been so refreshing. john mccain would have been so refreshing, i really really like that man.

so yeah, i went into it like the eating competition on that show fear factor: pig testicles or sheeps eyes. pigs are revolting, and at least eyes are naturally sterile. i chose the sheeps eyes. doesn't mean i enjoy them for lunch everyday, but its the best choice considering....

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I would have voted for either Howard Dean or John Edwards. Obviously, if he'd been the Republican candidate I would have voted for John McCain. I also would have voted for either guy if he'd had McCain as a VP candidate.

I am hoping that with no incumbent in office in four years, both parties will actually pick candidates they like. I think picking someone because you think he can win is a self-defeating proposition.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
Good Lord! What a post to de-lurk on but I must. I voted for Bush simply because I could not vote for Badnarik/Campagna. Oklahoma has some messed up ballot access laws and it's really hard for anyone but the big 2 to get on the ballot. If I had lived in a swing state, I would have voted for Bush because I never could find out what Kerry's plans were. I know what he said he was planning to do, but how was he planning to do it. I'm shamelessly middle class, DH and I worked very hard to get here (even if it is a somewhat uncomfortable fit at times) and don't particularly want to pay any more taxes than we already do.

ETA: better the devil you know.....
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None of the above, baby. I'm still a Kucinich fan.

But I voted for Kerry because:

1- He's NOT the one talking smack about Iran. Hey, I have RELATIVES there, and I pray Bush doesn't mess with them - but I know he WANTS to.
2- Kerry's a Red Sox fan, which is very similar to being a liberal(you lose a lot and people give you crap even when you win.)
3- I cannot stand Bush's little smirk. You're 58 years old, man - please learn a new facial expression! This is not third grade anymore!
4- Everybody screws with taxes, but at least Kerry wanted to spend them on social services. We all use 'em, even those of us who think we don't.
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