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Fess up ladies!

do it all the time. i check it all out if the guy is attractive.
*disclaimer* spelling, grammatical and psychological errors are for your enjoyment.
Only if he's wearing something that screams "Look, look, look at my crotch!"

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
I don't think I've ever done that. But I don't look at butts either.

Originally Posted by bounce
I notice face/eyes
"what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

"If you judge people,you have no time to love them"
-Mother Theresa
I feel so violated
~Two friends, one soul inspired~ anonymous
Only if he's wearing something that screams "Look, look, look at my crotch!"

Originally Posted by the_cheat
You mean a t-shirt with an arrow pointing downwards? Really, they're just asking for it.

Rock on with your bad self.


Be excellent to each other. ~ Abraham Lincoln

My friends who look at baseball players amuse me.

Me: "You realize he's wearing a cup, right? That's why he didn't flinch when he just got hit in the crotch by a bat?"

Friend: "But it's a big cup!"

The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
Wow three out of every four. Wonder if it's just the curly heads?

I better carry around my tube socks! :P
Fortune favors the bold.

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