Something is wrong with my lips..HELP - UPDATE

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This sounds like an issue I had. I got something like this in March or late February, but more of my face became involved at times...But, I definitely had a problem like that with the lips. I spent tons of money going to the doc, and really, they all thought I was lying also.

I just was careful about not getting sun, not putting moisturizer or other products there, eating hot foods, using toothpaste with a lot of extra stuff in it, using too much toothpaste, rinsing all remnants of toothpaste from my mouth and my skin after brushing, eating acidic or spicy foods...It took forever to go away.

Well the problem has not gone away nor does it seem to be getting any better. I actually think it might be getting worse.
Originally Posted by tgreyz
If you go to the ER, they may give you a benadryl IV which might help a lOT if it's an allergic response to something and if it's viral they will be able to do blood work. It's important to note that cold sores don't look the same on everyone and can be accompanied by other infections. But, it sounds like it's more allergic than viral, but only blood work will tell you for sure what you don't have... And some allergic reactions take time to build up, you don't want to become ill as a result of delayed treatment. So go to your nearest hospital emergency room in your county or affiliated with your local university.

Hope you feel better soon!
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im pretty much suffering from the exact same thing. been about five months now. any luck finding out what it was?
I'm having the same issue. I think Im having an allergic reaction to the Trader Joe's chocolate molten cake. I know I'm not supposed to eat them, but I just had to give it a try. so yummy. lips and throat hurt so much
To any that might have this problem... Are the bumps small and white-ish? If so it is probably canker sores, not cold sores. They are completely different and a common when eating something that has citric acid or another ingredient you might have a reaction to. They are typically neither bacterial or viral, though it does not hurt to have them check.

Actually, large numbers of people suffer from this problem. It's not really an over all allergic reaction. just a mouth sensitivity. I can not drink orange juice without my lips swelling, and canker sores popping up. IF this is the case, the best thing to do is avoid the foods in question, swish with children's liquid benadryl, and eat a good quality plain yogurt. It heals the canker sores and reduces swelling quickly.
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I have no idea what this is, but I just wanted to warn you that if you get your prednisone filled, it can have some pretty annoying side effects. You mentioned going on vacation. Are you going somewhere sunny? Prednisone makes you sensitive to the sun. It also gave anybody I've known who took it insane insomnia and insanely hungry. I also had the pleasure of it making me super moody. And it lowers my immune system. YMMV.

The good news is that the prescription is cheap! So you don't have to worry about how much it's going to be. And it has wiped out my eczema and my allergic reactions pretty quickly. Not overnight, but quicker than normal.

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This same type of thing happened to me like a week ago and I didn't know why and felt it must have been something I ate or drunk. Symptoms lasted for almost a week then after icing my lips and wearing a moisturizing lipfloss, it peeled a little then got better. I still don't know what caused it though I just know I was fine and the last thing I had was some tea that I had never had before the symptoms started.
I get this type of reaction when I eat mangos, so it very well could have been the pineapple.
Originally Posted by Kaia
Me too!! And I've heard of one other person with the same issue. I still eat mangoes on occasion since it's not a life-threatening reaction... and they're so damn good. Actually as long as the mango skin does not touch my lips, I'm fine. I have to be careful not to touch my lips with contaminated fingers either. I usually eat it after someone else has peeled it. Weird but true!
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