How long before meat spoils?

I buy things like chicken and pork tenderloin when they are on sale, freeze them, then thaw when I'm planning on making something. I took out chicken Thursday night and put it in the fridge to thaw. Was thinking of making something yesterday but figured it was probably bad and threw it away.

I also bought ground meat Saturday you think it is still good for tonight or tomorrow?

Do you think the chicken was still good? What about the ground meat?
I am picky about my meats especially chicken - that was probably thawed by Saturday if in the frig - I would throw it away if I didnt use it my Monday. Was the ground meat frozen or you bought it Saturday? Has it been in the frig all that time - what is the sell by date?
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It's hard to say for sure, but I would say two days, maybe three, is the max I would leave raw meat in the refrigerator after taking it out of the freezer. I would have thrown out the chicken, too. Better to waste five bucks than risk Salmonella or E Coli or whatever.
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