View Poll Results: Wedding music choice
Classic Sinatra and Martin songs piped into background music 6 50.00%
Strolling professional violinist that can play Italian and other classic songs, as well as go from table to table taking guest requests 6 50.00%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

Wedding detail spinoff- help!

I thought it would be fun, different and memorable to have a strolling violinst play at our informal, small wedding reception. The food is Italian, and we were originally just going to have Sinatra/Martin songs in the background, but I found a Greek gentleman that plays at weddings and restauants and now I'm confused!

We don't have the room or interest to have a full-blown band or DJ for dancing, but realize music is so important for the atmosphere.

FI thinks the violinist idea is cheesy and would be annoying, and I think, given the informalness of our day, that guests would think it fun and enjoy giving requests.
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It is all about the live music.
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I think I agree with your fiancee. But then again, the only times I've ever seen it as at reseraunts in Italy & Mexico where there doing it for tips. I always felt crowded in and that they would just play louder/closer, untill you tipped them to leave.

As long as he was just wandering around playing, I think it could be fun at a wedding. I would definatly set some guidlines though for how he was to go about playing for tables and such.
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I agree with the tipping problem. If you make sure guests ralize that they do not need to tip him then I think it would be fun. But I have to admit the first thing I thought when I read your poll was "I wonder if he will get tips".
ha ha, no he would not be working for tips, but that's a funny thought.
Don't let your heart be broken. Let it love.
I wouldn't go with either (but the violinist is better than the canned music..) so I didn't vote.
There is so much nice Italian music! Opera is the obvious choice, but it will be very formal and loud, so it may not fit your style. Can you spring for a string quartet and have them play Italian baroque music (Scarlatti, Corelli, etc?) Or how about a violinist and an accordion player?
Or if you are going to pipe music, how about some opera (Puccini, Verdi - very romantic) or Italian pop?
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I think that the live music is a nice idea, but you can't beat Sinatra. Sorry, some of my greatest moments in life had Sinatra in the background (not that kind of moment )
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I think it's a great idea. I'm all for any touches that make this wedding "yours."

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