View Poll Results: Where do you brush your teeth?
I brush my teeth at the sink 43 68.25%
I brush my teeth in the shower 5 7.94%
The shower?? That's gross! 15 23.81%
Voters: 63. You may not vote on this poll

Where Do You Brush Your Teeth?

I learned about brushing in the shower from my roommate my freshman year of college. She had always done it, and it seemed like a good way to save some time in the morning. I'm glad I didn't pick up any of her other grooming habits, though - she had some weird ones... like ironing her pants while wearing them.
I usually brush my teeth at the sink, but have often brushed them in the shower too. Probably to save time since I'm in there cleaning everything anyway. My husband often brushes in the shower, but usually only if I'm in the bathroom, cause then he can ask me for his toothbrush. I HAVE to brush w/ warm water. My teeth are so sensitve to cold, it's pratically bath water temp at the sink when I brush my teeth. I also pee in the shower too, since that came up earlier. I don't know why people freak out about peeing in the shower, it's just pee, and it's not like I'm rinsing w/ it, it goes down the drain. Plus it's MY pee. I don't want anyone else peeing on me. Okay, where is this conversation going? I'm done now.
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I brush mine in the shower. I know some people who brush theirs in the sink after they take a shower. That grosses me out, it's way to long to be having a dirty mouth. I don't do it before I get in the shower because at 3:30am I might fall asleep while brushing.
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