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Do you have a "no shoes" house?

No,because the majority is wood floors and they are pretty ...uh...rustic,shall we say?

BUT-I did just get a NEW living room rug yesterday and God forbid someone steps on it with thier icky shoes!(do you know what the HS has on it's floors? ewwwwwwww)

(wanna see it? Check my www)
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That's cool. I understand now that it was an observation. I just have a major pet peeve about "americans" being presumed to be white, from the heartland, meat and potatoes loving, etc...
Originally Posted by eyestrain curly
No, not at all! Sorry if it came across that way. I definitely don't presume that about Americans at all. Americans and Canadians are very, very similar. People are people, despite colour, ethnicity, traditions, etc etc. and Canada as well as America have all sorts of different people. This is why we love our countries!
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but you don't hear about bird hoarders or gerbil hoarders or whatever. just the cats. Must be something about those felines.
Originally Posted by FreeCurls
Headin the Clouds-

I also remember that SATC episode (I should, I've seen everyone of them ). It was really petty and silly and fun! I miss that show
Originally Posted by eyestrain curly
I totally identified with Carrie in that episode. I think it's kind of rude to have a party and expect everyone to leave their shoes at the door. In this case I'd just grin and bear it. Especially if people don't know ahead of time about the shoe policy. I'd say the for the most part people wear shows when they go out and don't wear shoes when they are in their own homes but to be made to not wear shoes at someone else's home I think might be ncomfortable for the visitor. I'd feel more like I'd need to ask permission to remove my shoes insomeone's home rather than vice-versa.
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I guess it depends on what you mean by a no shoes house. My husband and I don't wear our shoes in the home for (a) comfort and (b) to help keep the carpets and floors cleaner. But when people come to our house to visit, I don't make them take their shoes off unless they want to. Of course, in muddy, snowy, inclement weather most people do when entering someone else's home. If I was having a dinner party, I would be mortified if people thought they had to remove their shoes. The main reason too I don't ask people to remove their shoes is because I noticed as my mother got older it was harder for her to get her shoes on and off. Out of respect for older people I would never ask them to have to go in their stocking feet or to have to fumble with trying to get their shoes on and off. My carpets can always be cleaned.
like i said earlier, i'm pretty much no-shoes-indoors have-to-have-slippers. speaking about the SATC episode though, i definitely think parties are an exception. i LOVE shoes and often they "make" my outfit. i would never expect anyone to take their shoes off if i was hosting a party.

when i was in college, my cheerleading coach used to host a holiday party for the team every year and always warned us in advance that no shoes were allowed. some of us brought slippers and it wasn't a big deal.
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Well I don't like to wear clothes indoors either so maybe it's just me. If I were to have a party I would rent out a facility or just deal with the mess. If we have get togethers with several people I expect a lote of mess and we keep most things in the hardwood to deck area. We have a patio enclosed area too that we use for stuff like that. It just works out for us
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In my home country (Sweden) it is considered VERY rude not to take your shoes off visiting someone. People NEVER wear shoes in their homes there.
I wouldn't like to have it any other way. Not good for the feet and the home gets very dirty.
Luckely Alaskans seems to take their shoes off inside too. I haven't visited any one here that keep their shoes on anyways.

This is so interesting! Yesterday I was looking up "faux pas", as I'm a terrible speller, and stumbled across this link:

Scroll down to the part about the US and you will see wikipedia says these things are considered a rude:

United States

* Significantly overestimating a person's age (underestimation, even to an implausible degree, is generally regarded as a sign of politeness or even a compliment).
* In Alaska and much of the Pacific Northwest, not taking your shoes off when you enter somebody's home.
* Not looking someone directly in the eye when speaking can be seen as evasive; this is in contrast to much of the rest of the world, where looking someone directly in the eye may be rude. Contrariwise, making direct contact in certain public places, such as the New York Subway is not only seen as rude but considered an act of overt aggression by some.

Personally, my house is shoes free. I never say anthing but everyone sees either A) a shoe pile and extrapolates, or B) notices that I answer the door in my socks. My mother and her husband are the only people who don't do it. Its disgusting! Every single time, they leave *foot prints* of mud on my carpet, or *gum*, and god only knows what that I can't see. I've even seen her husband notice a muddy footprint, scuff at it, and then **leave** his shoes on! I mean, when my 15 month old wants to take off her shoes at the door, you would think they would figure it out.

I would never expect someone injured, elderly, or in a dinner party, to take them off... but anyone else would be considered rude and not invited as frequently. Most of my friends even bring socks in their purse(as I do to their houses) if they are wearing sandals.
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It's partially a spiritual thing, keeping the outside and whatever energy comes with it out, and keeping the serene indoors. It's also part, "I don't want the dog poo you stepped in to be in my house."
Originally Posted by jennifer ^v^
Sing it, sister. You're doin' what I'm thinkin'.
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Where I'm from, it goes without saying that the polite thing to do is take off your shoes when you go to someone's house. I've never thought about bringing slippers to anyone's house, though. I've never seen it done, either.

I live in the non-NYC, non-NYC suburbs part of NY.
What do you people do who have a "no shoes" house when your elderly parents or grandparents come to visit? A lot of elderly people are not as stable on their feet without their shoes on. A lot of them have a hard time even getting their shoes on and off. Other than boots, I just tell them to wipe their shoes and come in. I couldn't imagine asking someone elderly to have to take their shoes off. My respect for their age far outweighs whether they track a little dirt into my house or not, and I live in a mid-Atlantic, snowbelt, rainy, muddy region.
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My grandma with Alzheimer's can only walk in this certain pair of old worn-out of course we want her to wear them everywhere.

Back when I was growing up, most of my relatives were young enough to go without shoes around my parents' house. The ones who weren't didn't want to come to their house, anyway (they were only comfortable in their own homes at that point).
What do you people do who have a "no shoes" house when your elderly parents or grandparents come to visit?
Originally Posted by munchkin
Honestly, its never been an issue. I've never asked anyone to take off their shoes. Everyone just does it. Even the alarm system repairman who came over yesterday took off his shoes at the front door.

I've never felt like my house is the exception in any way.
What do you people do who have a "no shoes" house when your elderly parents or grandparents come to visit?
Originally Posted by munchkin
Honestly, its never been an issue. I've never asked anyone to take off their shoes. Everyone just does it. Even the alarm system repairman who came over yesterday took off his shoes at the front door.

I've never felt like my house is the exception in any way.
Originally Posted by mad scientist
Some repairman/deliverymen have automatically taken their shoes off when they come into our house, but I have had a couple who have told me they don't take their shoes off and if I am concerned about my carpeting to lay something down. They weren't arrogant about it, and I did appreciate that they told me ahead of time. I think these were people who were working on something that maybe took them from the inside to the outside of the house several times (as in when the septic system went).
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Originally Posted by mrsreba
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Its for The would you be offended? carpet thread. figure cut to the chase and save some frustration. plus someone asked for it in that thread.
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thanks, I figured it was something like that but I've been off the boards a bit and had no idea where to start to connect the dots.
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We aren't super strict but for the most part yes, we are a no shoes home. It creeps me out to think about where shoes have been all day and when you wear them in the house you track all those nasty little germs on your carpet.

We don't ask people to take their shoes off. Sometimes when we are in a hurry we leave ours on.
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