View Poll Results: Do you think Tom Cruise is attractive?
Heck yeah 9 14.75%
Heck NO 32 52.46%
I used to.. before he completely lost his mind. 20 32.79%
Voters: 61. You may not vote on this poll

Do you think Tom Cruise is attractive?

I personally find him about as attractive as Michael Jackson...
I've never found him attractive. He looks like some kind of rodent.
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I've never found him attractive. He looks like some kind of rodent.
Originally Posted by ursula

He just comes off as too.. asexual for my tastes.
As I opened it I thought "there's probably no I used to" option.

I actually stopped finding him attractive before the public part of his losing his mind, though.
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I always thought he resembled a rat.

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He's always seemed very asexual to me. And kinda smarmy.
I used to like him years ago. I don't know why I don't find him attractive anymore.
I thought he was soooo adorable in Far and Away with Nicole Kidman. But I'm not into him anymore, ever since he dumped Nicole.
He is an attractive person,but no way is he my type :P
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Heck no, never have.

Frankly, Katie can do better.
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Only when he had the beard and greyish hair he had on Collateral. Besides that nah
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i LOVE me some tommy. ever since top gun.........i have been SMITTEN..........i would have his biracial love child in a hot MINUTE........and in the next minute brad pitts, then matt damon's
not at all.

plus he's always had a kind of arrogance about him that really repels me.
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I have to admit that, even though he's currently off his rocker, I think he's more attractive now than ever.
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He was pretty hot in Top Gun (one of my all time favorite movies!) But since then he just looks completely different to me. I don't really find him all that attractive, he has definitely gone completely NUTS!

He looks like an African sand monkey to me. His features are too sharp and he's way too short for my taste.

Not that I'm looking to disagree, but why do yall say he's gone crazy? The last time I saw him live on anything was when he was promoting Jerry Maguire on Oprah.

But being that stuck on yourself could make one crazy...
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He looks like an African sand monkey to me.
Originally Posted by Bianca
That's just wrong. Funny, but wrong!

And no, I don't find him attractive, either.
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He's a goof in his movies, unnattractive, unkept, a pervert and looks like an opossum.
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He looks like some kind of rodent.
Originally Posted by ursula

Tom Cruise = meh

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