View Poll Results: How does the new Superman look?
Great! 3 7.69%
Okay. 16 41.03%
Not Good 20 51.28%
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Please indulge my inner geek...

Please help me settle a dispute on another male dominated board.

Please vote on how you think the new Superman looks.

Do you think he is hot? Do you think the costume is nice? Do you think he looks like Christopher Reeve? Do you think his costume is as nice or nicer than Reeve's?

I know you guys aren't hard core comic book fans so thanks in advance.
It's bad. Very bad. Is it just me, or is the costume padded? It looks very obvious to me.
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No, it's definitely padded.

Man, I need to find a smaller picture. Is there any way to shrink the size of an existing picture?
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The new guy is hot, but the outfit sucks.

As a general rule, when you put anyone in head to toe spandex=not a good look.
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Originally Posted by GuardianB
They should have gotten rid of the swoop in the hair for the new Superman. That was okay for the 70s, but a little effiminate looking today, especially since he's no Christopher Reeves.

I think he looks "affected." I don't like him at all.
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nevermind superman... I am still ticked that Brian Singer who's directing the darn thing left X-Men 3 to do it...

Yes... I am bitter!!!

The new director is going to suck!!

Sorry for the guano... venting over!!! :P
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It's ok, but I hate the boots.
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maybe I'm missing it but I don't really see a difference from the Reeves superman outfit.
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maybe I'm missing it but I don't really see a difference from the Reeves superman outfit.
Originally Posted by FreeCurls
Reeves looked better in his.

But, that may be because I was 10 when I watched the movies. I'll have to pull out the video and look at the cover again.
People rise to the standard expected of them. GC
looks the same to me....reeves

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce & FreeCurls

Do you think he is hot?
Yes, the guy is hot.

Do you think the costume is nice?

I think it looks like a classic Superman costume, which is dorky and effeminant (sp?)

Do you think he looks like Christopher Reeve?

Yes, only the guy in the picture is much cuter/hotter.

Do you think his costume is as nice or nicer than Reeve's?

A little better than Reeve's

I think they definitely, definitely could have done something better with the hair. It is very out of date. Personally I also would have liked a major costume update (a la Batman), but I know comic book people would probably be against that. I mean, I think old Superman and Batman fit in just fine back then, and new Batman fit in good with Gotham City in the new movies. I just don't picture "old Superman", which is what I consider those pictures to be, fitting into a movie with a modern-day setting.
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I can't see Superman with spiked hair like the boys of today. sorry. I do like the red leather cape though.
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce & FreeCurls

I don't see spiked either, just maybe not the swoop and a little less mousse
People rise to the standard expected of them. GC
Ok, thanks for the replies.

I think the suit looks horrific, but the fan boys swear that laymen and women don't know what they are looking at anyway and they will like anything you put in front of them.

I definitely think the colors are off. The read is purple and the blue is too dark. Plus I think this guy is too little and skinny to play Superman. But I guess we shall see once the movie comes out.
Umm....either he's not too skinny to play superman, or that outfit is padded!

It's hard to tell because it's a strange angle. I think he looks effeminate because of the head to toe spandex, and also because he looks like my effeminate (and gay) friend Mike.

Edit: Wait....this is the guy who played Jess on Gilmore Girls? No.... the pics don't look like him at all!
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I don't see "hotness" in any aspect of this guy or his outfit. In fact, it's a little embarassing to look at.

Guys in tights.. bleh.
Wow. I am really suprised by the votes. Keep 'em coming.
I like his face a lot, so voted "great." I'd love to see what his body looks like when it's not encased in the girly tights and overall padding.
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he is not at all my type, but I can see how someone who likes that kind of look would find him hot.
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I think the difference is in the lower half of the body. Reeves had a natural build to his body with a bit more muscle definition in the top. This new guy looks like the HULK in the lower half, too much thigh muscle definition for my taste.

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