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Would you do this at work?

Say you have three kids, age 3, 6, and 9. Two boys and a girl.You decide one day to take a picture of all three of them together, posing for the camera with big grins, dressed only in their underwear. All are wearing jockey briefs because that's what your kids like to wear.

Say you also work in the marketing department of a large bank. You work in a cube next to a busy aisle and have a second monitor, so your wallpaper on your monitor is usually visible. Would make this picture of your kids in their underwear your wallpaper on your computer?

Just curious.

[Edited to say that my third option (maybe) didn't show up.
By the way, I walked into work this morning and found this picture staring back at me from my employee's computer. I didn't know if I was off base or if I should tell him that this was poor judgement.
no way! Just this week there's a big brou haha going on because a bunch of moms found out some adult diaper fetish site has been harvesting pics of little kids in diapers off the internet.

I've heard of grandparents giving out pics of their grandchildren to perfect strangers (uh, they don't care and if they do it's for the wrong reason. Let the parents decide).
Um, no. Maybe if they were all little (maybe!) but a nine year old is old enough to be embarassed at having his/her privacy invaded. I would have been PISSED at that age if my mom had been flashing pics of my undies-clad self.
No way on earth would I ask my children to pose like that even if the picture was for my own home!
I agree with CGNYC maybe if they were very little and even at that I am not sure. If I were to see a picture like this at work, I would feel very uncomfortable. Actually, I don't think I would we are all teachers.
3b/c CG routine
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I tend to keep my work and personal life seperate. I may have a picture of my family at my desk, but it is usually simple.
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Perception is not reality.
In a company like mine, sending pics like that borders on child porn. They are very strict here. It would definately be presented to management.
Okay personally, I don't think a picure like that is a big deal, but maybe not the best idea for work. This thread reminds me of that lifetime movcie Snap Decision, where some innocent photos were blown out of proportion.
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For the record, I don't think the intent was child porn, AT ALL. I had two problems with the picture:
1. It could be used as child porn--it was that explicit--in the hands of someone who gets into that. Why would you put your kids out there like that?
2. This is a work setting--err on the side of discretion. Almost naked anybody is usually inappropriate.

The picture went away today so I didn't say anything. If it pops back up, I will.
Personally, I wouldn't put something like that up because I'd figure that someone would be offended by it. I hear people make comments about naked babies at the beach, so I can only imagine how they feel about them in an office setting.

Also, I wouldn't even take a picture of my son naked at this age and he isn't even three years old. There are too many weirdos out there, PLUS, I want to respect his future modesty.

On the other hand, your co-worker could be completely oblivious to the fact that the kids are naked. For example, when my son was one month old, I sent out formal pictures of him in which he happened to be nude. (There was some random material covering his nether region.) I didn't think a thing of it until my MIL said, "I hope when he's grown up he doesn't mind the fact that you sent a naked picture of him out to everyone." I had never looked at it that way.
I voted no.
Too many weirdos
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No. My kids would kill me! I think underwear shots are fine for your personal photo album at home but what kid is okay with that being broadcast in public? I'm especially thinking of the 9yo. I have a 9yo. She'd never pose in underwear at this age anyway but if I had a picture of it and put it on my desktop at work, she'd kill me. Additionally, I work at a facility that treats juvenile sex offenders. My girls are 9 and 12 -- common ages of our boys' victims -- and I already feel uncomfortable putting up beach shots of them in their bathing suits just for that reason.
3a/b, fine, lots of it
Please tell me the 9 y/o wasn't the girl!

I don't find this type of thing too 'risque' for work. I just think it's dumb. And I second the person who said she likes to keep work and home separate. I don't think it looks particularly professional to have a scrolling/popping/blinking/floating 100 image slideshow of your kids on your work computer. And a lot of peoploe do this. One simple family portrait should be enough. Personally, I carry a mini-photo album in my bag. If friends at work want to see my family, I show them that way. Just my opinion, though.

I agree with your assessment, mrspoppers!

I think it's one of those things that would be a cute, fun photo for the family photo album or to send to Grandma and Grandpa, but not for work. The person who put it up probably did it because the picture makes him/her laugh, but didn't think about how other people might see it.

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