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Have you ever passed out (no alcohol)?

I've come close a couple times, due to my period, but the only time I ever actually went down was about an hour after giving birth to my daughter. The nurse said I had to get up and try to go to the bathroom. Didn't want to, but she's the pro, so up we got me. I remember entering the bathroom. The next thing I knew, two nurses were putting me into the bed. Come to think of it, I came close to that same experience with DD#1, but that nurse was quicker to get me horizontal, I guess.
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I had pneumonia and passed out when I stood up getting out of bed to go to work. (I didn't know I had it at that point) Then I passed out again at the doctor's office when I was getting x-rayed. I remember hearing the tecnician say, "Hold still," then the next thing I remember was I was slumped over the machine and she had her arms around me saying, "Lay back, lay back."

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I used to pass out all the time in high school and college- I'd just be walking along and next thing I knew I'd be on the floor/ground.

I still occasionally pass out but I recognize the feeling now, so as long as I can sit down I (usually) don't go all the way out.

but I still end up with the fainty-hangover. Yuck.

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I've passed out so many times I can't even recall... I have low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Its not so bad now... I didn't used to eat enough protein, and would faint all the time, especially after a hot shower. I would faint if I smelled grease, or stood up too fast. I also used to faint with anything to do with needles, but I got over that.

Dh used to just step over me and go about his business, LOL. These days its not so often, but my kids always enjoy the opportunity to jump on me. Its almost always at home, when I haven't been active, so its really not that bad... like it would be on, say, the freeway.
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i have passed out after giving blood. this happened on several occasions so i've decided not to donate blood unless its an emergency situation, more for the sake of the nurses and all the commotion it causes, than because its unpleasant for me. i've also passed out several times in the hospital, both as a visitor and as a patient. its something about the antiseptic smell, and maybe the lack of fresh air.
I've never passed out, if that means unconsciousness, but I've blacked out due to extreme heat (107 degrees). I panicked because I was conscious but couldn't see. Little kids shouldn't be outside when it's that hot.
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I passed out for the very first time about 6 weeks ago. I have no idea why. I was sitting outside at my mom's picnic table when I started feeling dizzy and broke out into a cold sweat. I got up to go get myself a cold washcloth. I made it about 20 feet, things turned black and I noticed the ground getting and closer to me. My aunt happened to have a blood pressure cuff with her and took my BP. At first it was 55/40! I told her that couldn't be right and she took my BP in the other arm and it was 50/36! Have any of you medical curlies seen a blood pressure that low?
I went through a stage of passing out a lot when I was underweight (due to stress).
It can happen to me if my blood sugar drops through lack of food, I usually start to get really tetchy & I know I need to eat something.
I also have quite low blood pressure.
It was pretty frightening the first couple of times though, one time I passed out in a public toilet (went cos I felt funny, but had to stand in a queue) hit my head & someone phoned an ambulance & I had to go to A&E to have my head stitched! Think my friend was more scared than me though, she said I had my eyes open the whole time.
Now I know if I get that feeling to just sit down & put my head between my legs.
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I had to go to A&E to have my head stitched!
Originally Posted by Curly Alexa
Here in the states A&E is a cable channel! They have shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Cold Case Files. Sure makes for a funny visual!!
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Yes, once. I had dangerously low blood sugar and passed out at work.
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I passed out for the very first time about 6 weeks ago. I have no idea why. I was sitting outside at my mom's picnic table when I started feeling dizzy and broke out into a cold sweat. I got up to go get myself a cold washcloth. I made it about 20 feet, things turned black and I noticed the ground getting and closer to me.
Originally Posted by ScaryCurl
This is exactly what happens to me. I seem to pass out whenever I'm in severe pain or when I see/hear about something really gross (I am such a wimp). I honestly can't even count the number of times it's happened, but off the top of my head, I've passed out after getting a contact stuck in my eye and after my sister slammed my finger in the door. Also, whenever I get severe period cramps I faint.

This was so embarassing, but in HS, my health teacher was talking about eptopic pregnancies (spelling?), and she was going into a very detailed description about this, and the next thing I know, I'm face up on the concrete floor in my class. I think I freaked the other kids out. Now, I can tell when I'm going to faint, so I sit down with my head between my legs, and if I'm lucky and if my mom's around, she'll make me drink orange juice to get my blood sugar up.

I have been to the doctor so many times for this, b/c every time it happens, my parents freak out and want me to get checked out, but every single time, the doctor rule out anemia and says that some people are prone to fainting at times of extreme pain, or because of my squeamish stomach, when I hear something gross.
The above post reminds me of another time...

I was at the movies watching "The Passion of the Christ"...all of a sudden I felt very dizzy, my hearing started to go and i was in a cold sweat. The movie is SOOO intensely graphic, but that never bothers me usually. So i got up to go to the bathroom and made it all the way surprisingly. I just sat on a toilet with my head down and I got over it. Thank GOD i didn't just fall flat on my face in the theater...embarrassing much??
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No, I almost once. Really painful cramps without medication will do that to me.
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