Oblong shaped white pill with capital E on it

I tried doing a search to figure out what it is, but I've ****ing had with my in-laws. Each and every time they come to stay with us, they always leave behind a pill. One time my MIL left a Zyprexa in the family room. The next time she came to visit, she left behind a water pill that's used for high blood pressure (hydrochlorothiazide, I think it was called). She's bipolar and on a lot of different meds. She has felt awful about it whenever it happened and agreed to take her pills in the kitchen for future visits. My SIL also offered to help her mom keep track. Problem is, she's bipolar too and on a bunch of meds.

Anyway, my husband found a baby aspirin two days ago. It turned out to be my SIL's. She apologized profusely and swore she'd be more careful. They left this morning. Guess what I found in the playroom, where my SIL was sleeping? A white pill. I have no idea what it is but I feel sick to my stomach. I just don't think it's safe for them to come and stay with us anymore. And it breaks my heart because my children always look forward to having their nana and auntie visit.

I'm just venting. I don't think there's a solution here that doesn't involve asking them to stay at a hotel. And if you knew my MIL, you'd know that would be like telling her she cannot come visit.
Excedrin, maybe?

Man, that must be really nerve-wracking and scary that people leave pills behind!
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That would upset me too, medussa. Maybe you can talk to her again? Something like, "I already spoke to you about this and it happened again. It's dangerous to leave pills around small children and I really need you to make sure it doesn't happen again." I don't know if it would help.

Good luck. I know what you mean about difficult in-laws.


Do they have any clue how NOT okay that is?!?!?

Is it this one? That's a really good website.

And the pills laying around freaks me out. Especially with little ones running around.


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Any numbers on it?
Anyone have high blood pressure/clogged arteries?
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
That's it, WileE. I called poison control (this is my third time calling them about pills I can't identify) and they had no idea. How did you find it?
If possible, get an individual pill dispenser and just for the time she's there, have one pill in each slot for however many pills she has to take. If necessary, you or your husband can set it up for her as the first thing one of you does when she arrives.

I just don't see how they keep winding up all over the place unless she's bringing the entire bottle and dropping some here and there as she tries to get the one out.

And like iris said, have a talk with her one last time.
I'd hate to see your relatives banned from the house. Tell them you found another pill and that you need to come up with a different system of taking pills because obviously it's not working. Maybe they can leave all the pills in your room and when they take them you must be present.

Remind your children that it is dangerous and if they find anything that looks like a pill they should come get you immediately and not even touch it. I hope you can work it out.
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So sorry this is happening, repeatedly! I would agree with one of the suggestions above, perhaps a day-2-day pill case for each day they are there, then the removal of the whole container if that's what they're bringing with them on visits. Perhaps, too, you could ask them to bring their pills into the kitchen, so at least you can keep them consolidated and monitored in one room instead of finding them hither and yon. My mom takes several pills as well, they are all in the bathroom and only once in the last 6 years have I found a pill, actually, my dog found it and not the baby girl.

Ack, I wish there was something I could say to make it better!
I second the idea of pills in the kitchen up high or something where only she or you (or another adult) can get them. Every morning or before bed, just ask her to take the pills there in the kitchen.
Come to think of it, none of these pills would taste very good, so I'm pretty certain my 3 year-old would spit it out. I tried giving her grape flavored Claritin this afternoon and she threw up immediately. I will have a talk with her about "yucky things that look like candy but are not." I'll also have a talk with SIL about the second pill I found. Ironically, my MIL didn't lose any pills this time. It was my 45 year-old SIL. You'd think she would have been extra careful after we found her baby aspirin on Saturday.

Thanks for the support and suggestions.
Damn how scary! I wouldn't have them over for awhile. It sounds to me like they have already been made aware of this issue, and since they are still being careless I wouldn't have them over for awhile until you are sure they have made real changes.
How scary for you!

I keep my pills on the top shelf of a cabinet in the kitchen. I do use a weekly pill sorter (what? I'm old!) so I'm extra careful.
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hey - weekly pill counters are not for the old! My mom (a young and energetic 51) uses one because she has a TON of pills to take - supplements and hormones and what-not.

My dad (a spritely 53 year old) also uses one because he has lots of pills to take too - but he travels a lot and you have to have the original bottle, so he doesn't use it as often.
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I can't recall why she won't use a pill sorter. I suggested it.
sorry this keeps happening i'd be a little ticked to. I'd try to talk to them again.

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I can't recall why she won't use a pill sorter. I suggested it.
Originally Posted by medussa
She doesn't want to admit she's old?!
I kid....lol
The w/s I think was the same the RCW posted..

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