Rachel Hunter's Slimfast commercials

Am I missing something? Why is she the spokesperson for Slimfast now? She's doing these 'Shape to Dress' commercials. Did I miss a period where she got fat and then lost weight using Slimfast or is she just a random choice for the campaign?
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Random spokesperson. In fact, I recall reading somewhere that when they first hired her, she admitted she had never tried Slim Fast. It caused quite a stir.

Rachel Hunter and Slim Fast

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OMG those slimfast oatmeal bars are the most fabutastic thing EVER. I want some now.
they had soy drinks at one point that i loved then they discontinued them for the low carb drinks. if they ever bring the soy drinks back i'd drink them in a heartbeat!

does anyone know of any good soy meal replacement drinks? i just want some more breakfast options...i can't do dairy.
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I just want to say that I hate their new commercials with the slightly overweight women showing their stomachs. I understand the slogan is "find your slim" or something like that, when I see it I don't feel motivated to try something that will just keep my body in the same shape as it is.

Rachel Hunter has never been "fat". What a sleezy thing to shill for...shame on her...
Rachel Hunter has never been "fat". What a sleezy thing to shill for...shame on her...
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
In "our eyes" she has never been fat. Hollywood has a different opinion on that.
Five or tens pounds in Hollywood is equivalent to a non famous person being 50 to 100 pounds overweight.
I think she yo yo's. I remember seeing her do a cameo in a movie where she wasn't heavy but she actually had a double chin.
I remember thinking she looked healthy but I bet the tabloids will be all over this real soon.

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