I hate call waiting

It doesn't bother me, nor does it happen very often. Personally I think it's more polite to answer CW- I would rather someone just tell me they'll call me back, rather than ignore my call altogether. And when I pick up CW, I'll give the person a chance to tell me if they're calling about anything important.
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I love it because I can talk on the phone and don't have to be afraid of missing a really important call.

I hate the way some people use it.
I have this one friend and whenever I'm on the phone with her and she get's another call she says "Oh wait a sec I'm getting another call" and without waiting for my reply switches over. Then after 3minutes or so she comes back and says "I'll call you back later.Bye." and hangs up.
I get it. The other call is more interesting than me.And it takes her a few minutes to make that decision.
Lately when she gets another call I have just been telling her "Never mind I have to go anyway".

Because sitting and waiting for the other person to come back must be one of the most idiotic feeling things to do.
I like having call waiting. I only have a cell phone so if I am on it and an emergency comes up then people can still contact me. I don't think CW is the actual problem- some people nowadays have just forgotten the meaning of good manners when it comes to phones.

If I am on the line and the other line goes- I let my voicemail pick up if it is just one of my friends but I will answer it if it is long distance or family. I do excuse myself and let the person I am currently talking to know who is calling and why I am answering it instead of ignoring it. If is isn't an emergency or important then I will politely let them know that I am on the other line with whomever but will call them back shortly.

I only tend to talk on the phone with family or close friends so we all know each other well enough to be able to nicely deal with multiple calls.
I don't answer call waiting.

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