Ts & Ps for my bro...Update!

T''s & P's. Hope everything is ok.
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I'll keep your brother in my thoughts. I hope everything turns out okay.
Sending good vibes to your brother... I hope everything works out for the best.
I don't know what's going on, but sending my best wishes that way!
Don't let your heart be broken. Let it love.
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Thanks all.
Bro goes to court on the 22nd for one thing & then again on the 30th for another.
If he loses his kids I know it will just kill him. He wants to get my folks involved. I think it's a bad idea all around. I really hope it does not come to that.
I have a feeling the messiness is just beginning...
I will keep y'all posted...thanks again for curl power!
just saw this and will pray for your brother. Sounds like a tough situation.
Good thoughts coming his way!

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Keep us posted. Good luck!

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Bro will be going this week for one issue. Thanks everyone for your strength! I just want this month to be over...
Thanks for the update. I hope this is the beginning of many changes in his life.
Still thinking about you guys...hoping it'll all work out!
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Absolutely Wile E. we are here for you!!!! T's & P's for sure
Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Lots of good thoughts and vibes to you
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Thanks everyone for your strength...it means more than you know.
Today was interesting to say the least...round 2 next week.
Just to let you know my ex-sil is trying to put the screws to my bro...
not that she didn't do that enough already..ugh
I wish I could have been there for him, but I know he knows if I could have I would have...my dad was able to go...what a cluster...this could drag on forevah...

Thanks for putting up w/ me
Good luck; I hope everything works out for the best, WEC.

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Thanks for the update, still been thinking about you guys.
Sending positive vibes for you and your fam! Hope it all works out.
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Here we go again...
Thanks for your support
I will let y'all know how things go...
this is the suck...

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