Ts & Ps for my bro...Update!

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I've fondly referred to him as GP
He really needs everything that y'all can give.
I don't know how he finds himself in these binds, but in this case he might lose his kids or worse.
Thanks ...I heart you all...

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Definately done. I hope you guys all the best
For sure sweetie, everything I've got!
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You got it.
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Definitely. I hope everything works out for him.

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You got it. I hope it all turns out well!
Minneapolis, MN
oh no! lots of good vibes to him.!!
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Lots and lots of good vibes for your brother.
Hope everything turns out fine.
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T's & P's + good vibes.
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Definitely. I hope it all turns out alright for your brother.
You got it! I hope everything works out.
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Join Date: Jun 2001
Posts: 41,035
Y'all are great...thanks so much!
I will keep y'all updated...
aww I'm sorry Wile. I hope everything will work out for him.
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