Picky eaters raise your hand...

I thought I was a picky eater but then I did a google search and came up with this article: The Picky Eater Files.

It seems accepted to be picky as a child but not so much when you are an adult. Is anyone else a really picky eater? What food items do you refuse to eat?

I will not eat:
tomatoes (although I eat ketchup, pizza, spaghetti sauce)
seafood of any kind (except for canned tuna)
all nuts except for peanuts

I'm sure there are items that I have forgotten. Also items that I have yet to encounter and would hate.
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Well, I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat any meat, poultry, fish, gelatin, etc.

Otherwise, I really dislike onions and avoid them whenever possible, and there are other foods I don't like (like mayonnaise) but am not terribly picky about.

My husband is VERY picky. Total meat-and-potatoes guy. The only vegetable he likes is spinach, and the only others he'll tolerate are broccoli, canned grean beans, peas, corn, and V-8 juice. And by "tolerate", I mean he'll choke them down with a scowl on his face. He also dislikes condiments of all kinds. He orders everything completely plain. He doesn't like anything creamy, even if he would otherwise like the flavor (like hummus or cream cheese).
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I think Pixie's husband and I came from the same pod.

I dislike:
-seafood (except beer battered halibut)
-vegetables (I'll drink V8 and occassionally eat a salad or corn or something like that)
-condiments (I like BBQ sauce and salsa, but no ketchup, mayo, mustard, sour cream or salad dressings)
-potato salad, tuna salad, thatother salad
The only thing I don't eat is green peppers, and that's only because they make me burp. Everything else is fair game...

My husband won't eat butter, or any soft cheeses or yogurt. I don't know what happened to him in his youth to scare him away from butter...musta been bad though.
I don't think I'm a picky eater, but DH complains about my eating habits. I don't eat:

pork/flesh meat
ground beef
sweet pickles
salad dressings except vinegar and oil
any franken-food

I obviously don't like a lot of condiments. I used to be a vegetarian, and I still don't care for meat. I could easily be a vegetarian again if DH would be more supportive of it.
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I don't necessarily consider myself "picky", instead I consider myself "somewhat particular" about what I'll eat and how I'll eat it. Honestly, I think my list below is somewhat "normal".

Things I absolutely will not eat:
mushrooms and anything flavored w/ mushrooms
zucchini (unless it's zucchini bread)
most squashes
beef with any sign of pink
mayo - although I like miracle whip; there's a huge difference
hamburger helper
any meat that is out of my chicken, turkey, beef and certain cuts of pork range (ie, venison, duck, quail, etc.)

Things I'll make exceptions for:
milk - it's gotta be 2% with cereal
onions - if they're finely chopped
green peppers - I like the flavoring they give food, but i usually pick them out
certain kinds of fish - please please make sure the head and tail is removed
sometimes I can eat small bits of guacamole - if I don't look at it too much

Things I'll eat only b/c I know they're good for me, but I don't go out of my way to eat them (I usually have a frown on my face):
baby corn
artichoke hearts - if they're "hidden" in my salad
lima beans
snow peas
green olives - although I LOVE black olives

I like most fruits, with the exception of raspberries which I'm only so-so about.

I know there's more but this is all I can think of right now. It seems that most of my isms and schisms tend to show up only when I'm at a fancy restaurant. *lol*
Oh, PhD, I believe this is your topic!
im a picky eater. so much so that i couldnt list all the foods i wont eat or the rules i have for eating. and its not always even about foods that i dont like, but they have to be a certain way. i dont do sandwiches (unless its pbj). i dont do condiments. if it looks gross, im not eating it. if it contains an ingredient i dont like, i wont eat it (even if i cant taste it). i only eat foods that are meant to be eaten warm when they are warm (i LOVE pizza but id rather cut off my right arm then eat a piece of cold pizza).
no foods can touch each other. the list goes on...
Oh, PhD, I believe this is your topic!
Originally Posted by CGNYC
Ha! I was just coming to post the exact same thing.
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I can't eat melon, cantelope, or grape fruit.
My boyfriend is way, wayyyyy more picky than I am, but he says I'm really picky so here's my list.

Stuff I won't eat or refuse to try:

Hot/spicy foods or veggies
V8 - disgusting
Any melon except watermelon
Most red meat except hamburger
Hot dogs
Cranberry sauce or anything cranberry-related
All condiments except mustard, ketchup, and mayo
Any macaroni salad except my mom's
BBQ-flavored anything
Non-roasted marshmallows
I've been called Sally (from the movie when Harry Met Sally) because of the way I order food MANY times. I have been called picky my many as well, things I won't eat:

Raw Onions in any shape or form
Scallions, just a baby onion in my book
Green Peppers
Garlic - only in minute quantities.
Broccoli, used to love it until after last pregnancy
Peas of any kind, snow, snap, or mush
Beets, thanks UtopiaStars, I had forgotten about these wretched things.
Non-Roasted Marshmellows - UtopiaStars-- I completely understand this one.

The one food I used to hate, but have learned to eat as an adult:
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CK is the one!!

as of 6/17/10 - I have to add Joico!

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I am not picky at all!

I used to have a thing about mustard, due to an awful incident in which my sister ate baby aspirin and was given mustard water to make her vomit. (She didn't vomit. Or die.)

But I got over it and like mustard now.
I don't eat:
white bread
red meat
oranges (but I love orange flavored food)
anything with raisins in it (but I love raisins)
blueberries (but I love blueberry muffins)
banana flavored anything (but I love bananas)
I am kind of picky. Food has to look good and smell good to me (I would think it does to most people but I am weird with what I consider appealing) in order for me to even consider eating it. Under no circumstances (even if my mother made them and she is a fabulous cook) will I ever eat potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad, any "salad" that contains mayo or Miracle Whip, deviled eggs, any kind of Jello fluff salad or basically any kind of salad you would find at a cookout or pot luck. I used to never eat store bought eggs because we had farm fresh eggs growing up and they tasted funny to me but I have learned to let that go since I don't live on a farm anymore.

I hate eating at other people's houses because I often am grossed out by what they make and don't want to eat it and that offends most people. Unless it is meat, I mean if you know how to make a good steak or burger or something, I will eat it. I just don't like most side dishes that people serve as they always sneak in some random ingredient that I don't like such as green peppers, most onions (especially uncooked), beets, radishes, mayo, cauliflower, water chestnuts, etc.

I also do not like most ground meat...like if someone puts ground italian sausage in their lasagna, yuck!!!!! Ground beef is usually fine but I prefer eating it at home where it has come from one of my parent's cows and we know the source of the meat. For some reason most other ground beef makes me gassy, I think it is the fat content. And meatballs made out of a mixture of ground meats, no way. Must be 100% beef or I won't eat it. Tastes funny to me.

I recently went to a going away party for my husband's coworker where I only ate tortilla chips and someone thought I was very odd but I just couldn't stomach the look of the food.

My husband is even pickier than I am so I find it very hard to find new recipes to try and we usually eat out or eat the same stuff all the time.
Oh PhD....

Yeah, I don't understand being really picky. I'll pretty much try anythinig and eat most everything.

I had a boyfriend for years who would not eat anything green or red but he would eat pears. Only meats and starches. He was also picky about candy and how things were prepared. It didn't bother me much when we were together but once we broke up, I found myself more attracted to guys who were not picky eaters.
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For those who don't like sauerkraut, try browning a tiny bit of butter, add a bit of onion (and some bacon if you eat meat), then put the sauerkraut in and heat it through. It takes out the acidity and is really yummy!! I could eat a whole jar like that!
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I've gotten a little less picky over the years but I'm still very picky.

Mayo is gross (Miracle whip the bomb...big difference) except in egg, tuna, or lobster.
Celery (ruins a good tuna salad)
onions (even if they're cooked and tiny and can't taste em.) except I like well cooked onion rings.
Tomatoes (unless ketchuped or sauced)
Peppers (I hate the flavor they give food)
Green Beans
lima beans
anything "light" well most things...they taste funny
skim milk
beets unless golden...but I do like the greens
rare hamburgers although I love rare steak
I have big texture issues as well which are on a case by case basis.
Most of the people I'm around eat meat and seafood so to them I'm a picky eater. I don't eat pigmeat or seafood and most of the time I don't care for meat but I will eat it. I will eat anything else even if it's not my favorite tasting thing. Now I do have a few vegetarian friends and they are extremely picky when we go out to eat. I accept that not everything is gonna taste like heaven when I go out to eat with people who have different taste.
The only thing I don't eat is green peppers, and that's only because they make me burp. Everything else is fair game...

My husband won't eat butter, or any soft cheeses or yogurt. I don't know what happened to him in his youth to scare him away from butter...musta been bad though.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
It must have been. I decided recently that I am a butter hog. I love it - and it has to be real butter.
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