Military + HIV Positive Individual

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Because of Sickle Cell Trait I get sick VERY easily. A year ago I had a kidney problem caused by my sickle cell trait. I'm afraid the doctor is going to say I can't join because of the kidney problem and because I can't excersice like the others and I get sick easily.
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You should seriously consider staying out of the military, even if you think you can get in. It doesn't sound like you would be a good fit (I was in the military myself so I know what the physical demands are). Please understand, I say this out of kindness and concern. There are always alternatives; the Civil Air Patrol, the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, CityYear, etc. There are lots of different ways to serve your country and the world.
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Thanx for your concern and honesty! I plan on looking up this info now that you gave me. Once again thank you.
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I work for the Army medical command and HIV soldiers are allowed to stay in the service. I am not sure why as they are considered non-deployable. For most all other conditions that make you non-deployable, the soldiers would get medically boarded out of the Army. No one can tell why they were given a special exemption, other than our current administration making the call for PC reasons.
I am sorry to hear what happened to you. Have you gotten counselling. If not please go here ASAP here:Military Rape Crisis Center

Good luck and I hope you take advantage of thier services or someone on your base.
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