The HILLS!! Starts Monday!!

Everyone ready? I heard this is probably the last season. Some of the stuff I have seen is making me think this one might be kinda lame. Oh well....we shall see!
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Woo Hoo! I have yet to see many of last season's episodes. They suddenly stopped showing them on Comcast On Demand as well as on I'm sure they'll be showing Hills marathons all weekend long.
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This is one of the (many) shows I'm embarrassed to admit that I watch. I'm looking forward to it though and will continue hoping that Heidi will wake up and ditch Spencer. He's such an idiot.
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my brother and my boyfriend both stare at me like i've got a hand coming out of my head whenever i talk about this show. they're like "how can you LIKE this show??" but that's ok because i get back at them by telling them everything happening in the hills in excruciating detail.
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Thanks for the reminder.
so did anyone watch?

I grow to like Audrina more and more. Good for her for standing up to Lo and not allowing herself to be treated in a manner that she feels is disrespectful. Though she wa a little harsh to Lo in the end.
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i watched some of it. i think i watch it mainly because i think everyone looks stylish.

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