New Yorkers - car service question

My mother will be flying to New York next month to meet a group. She'll return with them. At the airport, I'm concerned about her physical stamina to get her bag, get to the cab stand and so forth. She's healthy but she gets nervous in situations like that. So I thought I'd treat her to a limo or car service from LaQuardia to Times Square. When I have to do that, the cab is $50 so I'm thinking the car service would be at least double. Is that a good guess? Any suggested companies?
i used a car service from laguardia to the times square area. i forget the exact price but it was no more than $34. it wasnt a limo but something similar to a lincoln town car.
i cant think of the name of the company either, but it was the very first one in the phone book under car service/taxi and their slogan was "six in the city" because the phone number (excluding the area code)was all 6's.

sorry i wasnt much help, but i tried!
A taxi from LGA is only about $25, so the car service shouldn't be that much more. I there's also a service where you dial all 7's. 212-777-7777

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