Shirt color?

I bought this skirt on clearance at Dillards:

The blue isn't quite that bright on the skirt itself. I have no idea what color to wear with it. White? I just look weird in white, so I'm really not sure...

Any suggestions?
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It looks pretty casual from the pic, so I would probably do a black tank with it.
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That is really cute. Is it black or dark brown in the middle? I think you can go two ways--make it casual with cute flats or flat sandals and a fitted tee or tank that is black/brown (depending on the skirt color), or you can dress it up a little more. Even though you said you didn't like it with white (and I agree a white tee wouldn't look good), I think a crisp white button down and some classic pumps would look great with that, as would a thin, dressy sweater (it could be a shell, a short or 3/4 sleeve sleeve style, a twin set or even a turtleneck as it gets colder). I think you might have more options than you think, but I would stick with the middle color unless you are going with a crisp white shirt tucked in. Also, the key with a voluminous skirt like that is to keep the top very well fitted, which is why I suggested the slim tank or sweater. HTH.
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Colors always look different on a computer monitor, so I don't know what it's like in person, but I'd go with a pink top. What shade just depends on the actual blue. The way I see it on my computer, I'd go with a pretty pale pink.
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