Wanna see our foster baby?

My roommate works for the ASPCA and has been bringing Sheba home for socialization. She gets along with Belle, but we have to keep her and Chloe (the cat) separated. If you ever watch Animal Precinct on Animal Planet, she was one of the HLE (humane law enforcement cases). I haven't seen the episode yet, so I don't know her full story...but I know she came into the shelter with a beat up face and had to have surgery on her jaw. She also had surgery on her paws recently. She's such a sweetie...I hope she gets adopted soon.
Aw, she's beautiful, but I have to say has such discouraged look in her eye (no surprise if she has been abused). I hope she finds a happy home soon.
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I have a feeling my roommate is going to adopt her soon. She's moving out at the end of the month to live with her sister and I can't see her not having pets around. She was almost adopted yesterday, but the couple decided to go with another dog at the last minute because of her separation anxiety issues. The poor thing is on Prozac. Another couple was interested, but my roommate wasn't going to let them adopt her...she would have adopted her to prevent them from getting her.
How cute! I love how she's sticking out her tongue.
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I can't see her.

I tried everything I know of for Firefox to show it.

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Thanks! She has gorgeous coloring. Love the tongue & those oh so perky ears.
What a sweetie. I hope she does well with her socialization. You're a good foster mom to take her in.
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I just saw her last week on AP. I thought she was adorable, I am so glad she is with you guys.
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