Are these sandals ugly?

Reading through this, I have to ask if everyone here is wearing cute shoes at all times. It's a serious question--what do you wear on weekends when you're running errands, for example. I wear cute shoes at my job, but the ones I wear when I ride the metro on the way to work (when I'm doing a lot of walking) are not the same as the ones I wear once I'm at work.

To me, the ones medussa posted look comfortable, and not necessarily cute, but I can't see how they're ugly. They look like a decent compromise between function and form.
Originally Posted by gemini
I wear cute shoes all the time I'm in public. I often wear those horrid Nike slides when I'm just working around the house...but I don't wear them in public.

In the summer I wear flat sandals, usually embroidered or beaded or otherwise bejeweled in some way (I'm a jeans girl - I'd rather be in jeans than just about anything else, year 'round).

The only place I wear tennis shoes is to the gym or when I'm walking for exercise.

The only places I wear heels are to work and to church (and the work bit is changing soon - I start a new job Sept. 2 where I will work at home full time!).

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The black ones look better imo.

On a side note Teva is a company that makes generic medication here in the UK, so I was thinking 'when did they start making shoes?' thinking they'd started making generic prescription orthopedic shoes.
Originally Posted by curlylaura

I am not sure whether they are two separate companies or not. I'm pretty sure they are both Israeli companies -- maybe they are the same.

I know Teva shoes have been in existence for years.

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