Are you uncomfortable with wearing a bathing suit in public?

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I really don't wear swimsuits in public. It's too much like being in my underwear in front of strangers.
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Yepper for me too.
I'm comfortable with my body except that I'm very pale. I haven't been tan in more than 15 years. I glow in the dark. For that reason, I do not wear a swimsuit in public. If it were nighttime, maybe.
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Mildly yes.
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I'm not crazy about how I look in a bathing suit, but I'm not uncomfortable wearing them in public.
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I used to wear bikinis and feel fairly comfortable. Now after having 2 kids, not so much. Honestly, after my time living in Uganda, I don't even really feel comfortable in shorts because it wasn't culturally appropriate there.

After I finish losing the baby weight, I think I'll be OK wearing a one-piece swimsuit. I think my bikini days are over though. My stomach just isn't the same.
I am comfortable wearing a swimsuit if I am swimming. If I am lounging around poolside or swimming, then I am wearing a pareo over it.

I had a brief bikini-wearing period. Those days are long gone.

I've always been self-conscious in a bathing suit, even back when I was super skinny. Now after a baby, it's downright depressing!
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All I have to say is amen to that ^
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Preach on!
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I was a gymnast and then a springboard diver for a total of 13 years. You'd think I would be comfortable in a swimsuit, but I never was outside of athletics. It's sad, because although I'm pale I have a fairly cute figure.
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I am another swimming lover, so I have to wear swimsuits, but def I'm not comfortable on them.
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I'm totally not comfortable. When I wear a bathing suit to swim, I'll keep the cover-up on until the last possible moment until I get in the H2O. Last time I went to the water park, I wore the shorts and shirt style bathing suit from jcpenneys. I don't like to admit being vain, but it's just the truth.
I like my bod, I wear bikini's but only at home.
I'm modest and I've been that way since as far back as I can remember. Has nothing to do with my body.. I just feel weird being half nekkid around people other than my husband. I'm not sure why. I think I'm like super over-protective of my body or something... I have no idea what the hell it is, I'm a freak. But I'm ok with that.
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I live and breathe in my bikinis ALL. SUMMER. LONG.
I haven't worn a swimsuit in public since I was 13 years old. I have pretty bad scoliosis and as I've lost a bit of weight, my crookedness has become a bit more visible. Well, at least to me.

I'm sure if I got my act together and worked out and lifted various parts of my body a few inches, I might CONSIDER wearing a swimsuit in front of people I know. I doubt it though. I have no interest in showing off my cellulite.
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I'm very self-conscious, but I'm trying to let that go. I figure that a I might as well milk it for what it's worth while I'm still young, right? I wear a light dress at the beach, just because it's a bit too uncomfotable to hang out in a bikini. I don't mind that in a pool, though. Less people.
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I don't own one! Im not comfortable enough with my body but thats only part of the issue. If people are swimming then cool-Im mean thats what they are for, but I don't get people who wear them out and about, as a sort of outfit!!!!

Even on the beach I find it a bit weird, Im guess Im just too modest, I don't like exposing myself to strangers in public. Like other people have posted, it would be like walking around in my underwear. I find it odd that a lot of people would never dream of this but are fine with bikinis! Like the fact it is a made out of a different material makes it ok!?
I am also too modest. I just don't understand the concept of walking around in something that is skimpier than most undergarments.

I don't know how to swim, but because I want to learn how to kayak and canoe, I MUST learn how to swim, but I refuse to wear a traditional swimsuit. What is a girl a to do?

I did a search on modest swimsuits and found a site that sells suits for women who don't care to show skin for various reasons. The suits remind me of grown up versions of the suits that RCW dressed her kids in for the beach.

If I can find the site again, I will post a link. I am seriously thinking about buying one of these suits so I can learn how to swim.
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Links to some modest swimsuits:

Kind of Modest

More Modest

Very Modest

More sites for modest suits

Some of the suits are way too modest for me...but to each her own.

HydroChic has some cute ones! Very sporty.

An article on why people would choose modest suits.
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I am comfortable in a swimsuit. I know I do not look perfect in one, what?
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My modesty level rises and falls with my fitness level. If I'm spinning and lifting I show more skin as opposed to when I feel like Miss Piggy's half sister.
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