Any green thumbs on the board?

I hope you can help me... I am getting desperate! I was given a lime tree in March for my birthday. In May, I had to leave town for 2.5 months, so I left the lime tree with a friend who promised to take care of it. To make a long story short, my previously healthy and established plant lost approximately 90% of its leaves! I got the plant back about 3 weeks ago and have been fighting a scale infestation the plant received while in her care. Recently, the leaves began drooping something fierce - I'm pretty certain the potting mix she repotted the plant in (yes, in addition to everything else she repotted the plant during fruiting season) is too heavy and is not allowing proper drainage of water.

My question is...what can I do to improve the drainage of the soil without repotting the plant? I am nervous to repot when the plant was repotted just about 2 months ago, and also when the plant is in such poor shape (seriously, it has about 15 leaves on it). Any ideas?
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I found a site for the care of lime trees. Hope this helps.
Speckla -

Thanks for the link. I'm actually dealing with a potted (container) tree, so I'm not sure how applicable some of that stuff is. But I appreciate you looking it up for me!
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Place it in a warmer area to help dry the roots out faster?
I keep it outside where it reaches 90 degrees pretty regularly... not sure I have a much warmer spot
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Ok. I'm gonna stop tryin'!! Good luck with your plant. Do you have a tree nursery near you or another place that sells plants? It might be to your advantage to give them a call.
Can you put a PVC pipe down into the pot without damaging the roots? The pipe will draw the excess water up into it and will keep the soil from being waterlogged. I think you need to use a pipe long enough to reach all the way to the bottom, and the top of the pipe should be at least a few inches above the soil.

The pipe sticking up out of the soil will not be attractive, but it might save your tree.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea.
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Where did you get your tree? They (or another nursery) might be able to help you. Put one of the fallen leaves into a plastic bag and seal it, and take it to them to look at. Also could take in a photo of the tree now, if you can.

If the soil used is too heavy, I don't think you have much choice except to replace the soil. Pain, I know, but you're going to run into the same problem every time you water.
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