How to sell...

magazines for school fundraisers non-obnoxiously...

I usually don't participate in these kinds of things, but if I sell six orders, it's a trip to the beach! On a school day!

I don't want to be overly annoying and pressure people into buying stuff, but I don't want to end up buying them all for myself. Who should I ask? How should I ask? Do you want to buy from me?

Wasn't that so sneaky and smooth?

I aprecciate help!
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

My son's school does this for fundraising too. There was no prize for the amount of magazines sold, but it helps fund the program that he's in. Every little bit helps. My husband and I each chose a magazine that we wanted. The we asked our family members if there were any magazines they wanted to order. I'm not sure if we got 6 orders, but we tried. I would feel uncomfortable going door to door, but I've had plenty of teens selling magazines ring our bell.
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Find out who gets magazines & they can just keep rolling over their subscription. Hubby's got a subscription that I think doesn't expire for

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