I have termites!

DH and I had a problem a few months ago with tiny black ants coming through one of our window frames. Yesterday, I noticed that the ants now had wings. I freaked out - I knew they were termites - and yes, a quick description of the differences between winged ants and termites, via Google, confimed this.

I DO NOT have the money to pay a pest control service for this, but I feel like we have no choice. I don't feel comfortable trying to treat this myself. I plan on getting a few estimates, but does anyone have a ballpark on how much this is going to cost us? I know exterminators treat by the square foot, but I have read that it's probably going to cost in the thousands no matter what. And that there's no guarantee they won't come back unless I keep paying the exterminator to come out.

Unf. you MUST get a pro for this. I know of people whose homes had to be demolished due to termite damage. It can get that bad... I could tell you stories...

Anyway, I would not go to Terminex or Orkin. Check out your local pest pro and get references if possible. Sorry I don't know how much it could cost.
I think this usually costs about 2K to treat with a liquid chemical treatment, which will kill and keep them at bay for a few years. After that, you can use those spikes that you can get at Home Depot or Lowes, and they cost about $75. They are a bait and don't do anything to contaminate the ground. But since you already have them, you really do need a pro and really do need to suck it up. The damage they can do the longer you let it go can truly ruin your house.
Ooh that sucks. Ya, I think we paid somewhere in the neighborhood of about $1200 to treat one side of our house. These things actually "drilled" 2 little holes on our bedroom wall...that's how I noticed them. They were peaking their little head out of them. Yuck. But, I haven't had them back since and it's been about 2 years. Good luck!

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