Question for those who have been pregnant

I knew before I tested positive both times. First time was an accident, second time we were trying. If you've already missed a period, you can definitely test. I got positive tests 9 days after conception both times (so 5 days before a missed period if I had a "perfect" 28-day cycle).
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Ha! That explains things. That little snort of yours is making up for lost time!!
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i had no idea but my SO knew. my period was a few days late so i took a test and it came back negative (which was a lie. i was actually pregnant). then when i did get it, it was very light and short. he told me that even though the test came back negative he still thought i was pregnant. the next month my period was late again and when i took a test it came back positive. shortly thereafter i got the fun pregnancy symptoms:, super tired, yucky taste in my mouth that i couldnt get rid of, puking 24/7. my boobs never hurt though.
We were trying, and I knew both times (cycle 1 was a very early miscarriage, cycle 2 a break and cycle 3 I was pregnant.) I just KNEW, and I also knew he was a boy. Later, I had some symptoms before the positive test (spotting, cramping, sore breast leaking colostrum) but I knew even before that.

Good luck testing!
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Nope, I had no idea. I hoped I was, but I took a test a few days after my cycle was supposed to start and it was negative. I was really bummed. After a week, I took another one just as a precaution. I was taking fertility treatments and so I was going to call the dr. for a prescription. Lo and behold, the stick had two lines on it. I started crying on the toilet...LOL!
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With #1 I didn't realize I was pregnant until I was in the 2nd trimester-obviously not planned! With #2 we were trying, and I just knew I was before testing...I got a very early +, too...good luck...
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Nope. Nothing. Nada. I was totally ripped off on that, on the "I just *know* it's a boy/girl", on the mother's intuition, everything. I thought a handbook would come out with the placenta but it didn't.
With both pregnancies, I knew within 2 weeks that I was pregnant. Peeing on the stick was merely confirmation.

I also knew I was having a girl with my first and I knew I was having a boy with the second. I can't explain it other than to say I just "felt" what each child was before they were born. It sure made picking names an easier task.
With the first one, no. I was one day late but I had been late before and after 3 years of doesn't get their hopes up.

With the second one, I knew I was pregant....hubby didn't believe me until I peed on the stick. Even two weeks later he told me to go pee again just to be sure before I went to the doctor's office. LOL!!!

With my son, and I know it sounds odd and untrue, but I felt the implantation - like a stick pin being stuck into me, but on the inside. Weird. After that, I had cramping, but no period ever showed.
Originally Posted by M2LR
This is exactly how I felt with both my pregnancies. Plus I just had something like intuition that told me I was pregnant. The physical symptoms were pretty minimal, but I just knew anyway.
I was never on the pill and always have been completely regular (27 to 31 day cycles...with 32 days being the absolute maximum..ever!). So when my period didn't show up one time after 32 days (and ex BF and I already had a hunch from the time we conceived), I was already over 90% sure I must be pregnant. A home pregnancy test confirmed it shortly after that.
I was suspecting it and then one morning I woke up and my breasts just ached something horrible. The only time I had ever felt anything like it was the first month I was on birth control when I was in college. So I just knew that I was pregnant then. I tested the next morning and got a clear positive reading.

At the time I tested, my period could have been late but it could have just been a longer cycle, so I didn't really know from my cycle. The boobs gave it away

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