Healthy/easy dinner for one

Yes, couscous it is tonight! With grilled egg plant, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs. Thank you netG!
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I always cook more than necessary because we often eat yesterday's leftovers for today's lunch and for the occassional midnight snack. So that would mean I should cook for 6 now! Oh god, I'm turning into my mom
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There are worse things But I know, I fought it for years just how much like my mother I truly am. I don't fight it anymore and life is easier and better this way....
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Another vote for those rotisserie chickens--they're so versatile and easy!

I also like to do stir-fry for myself with some fresh veggies and maybe a little chicken served with brown rice.
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One of my favorite "healthy" meals based on a wrap place's "Farmer Goes Berzerk" it can be adjusted from very heathy to decent depending on the amount of what you add (and if there is a low fat version) :

Deli turkey meat (and a bit of ham preferably)
Small/chopped chunks of fresh broccolli
Shredded or chopped fresh carrot
Small bit of shredded cheese *
Small bit of bacon bits * (can use turkey bacon bits)
Bagged fresh cole slaw mix (just the veggies, no dressing)
About a tbs of cole slaw dressing *
In a pinch I'll use the prepared cole slaw, but find it to be not a crisp and crunchy
Wrap or totilla (whole grain or spinach)

Layer ingredients in or mix together and fill center of wrap, roll it up and heat on a pannini press or Forman grill until hot.

You could add beans, and loads of other veggies, but this combination is a perfect blend of meat, veggies, salt, crunch and a touch of sweet.

*= there is a low fat or lite version
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